I’m lost and I don’t think google maps can navigate my path
Because I’m in another galaxy and this happens when I look into her eyes
During these moments I don’t smile because I want it to be a disguise
So I can save my identity, I’m just trying to protect my Louis Lane
Like a pimp in a fur coat protects his leather cane
Or how people that are in love are in two different cities trying to catch a gautrain
Into the other persons arm then they lock themselves without a code
When the only command is never to let go
Because if I lose sight of her the blood in my veins won’t flow
The pulse on the machines won’t show
Because the drummer that creates my heart beat
Lost his drum sticks so now he has to get back to KFC
To get a street wise 2 with the roll because you know you complete me
But let’s not desert our love because it will be a buffet
And there’s free wifi to my mind an art cafe
Express oh I lost my footing and created a mini me
Mistakes are never made instead let’s call it making chemistry
Because with all these cliches around you are real
And you are my poetry….


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