Face 4 Radio

So I got slapped by a girl once
All because I tried to use a line I heard from a friend
He went straight up to this girl and said
“Hi I just came here to tell you that you have a face 4 radio…”
Now before he could finish she had already imprinted
Her fingerprints right across his face so I thought he had lost the battle
But he grabbed her hand as she was about to leave
And uttered words that could only be described by shakespeare
He told her this “look let me explain, there is no doubt in my mind
That you have a face 4 radio
A face that should be blocked off from the world by 4 concrete walls
With a small tinted window that makes
It impossible to see you
Because you got me feeling like I’m 13 years old again
I’m unable to control my hormones around you
Because you make my body want to create a natural viagra
Next thing you know we will be playing pin the rubber on the exhaust pipe
Which I currently have no time for because…
I recently met the girl of my dreams
And I’ll be honest it wasn’t love at first site
I had to look twice
But the first time I saw you
You made my heart Jika
And the second time I saw you…
You made me want to drop the bricks in my hand
Take off my shoes and plant them into the soil
Hoping that I could transform into a tree
So that my love can branch out to you
And when our lips meet we’ll taste the fruits of our love
At the site of this our ex’s will leave giving
Us enough space so we can chill under the shade of our love
Where we’ll talk about our future
Hopefully you’ll say you want a son flower
So I can teach him how to attract the lady bugs
And he’ll be protected by a thorn bush
So his personality can be as sweet as honey
And neither any situation nor any amount of money
Will be able to change him
Because he to will have a face for Radio…
A voice that makes your heart skip a beat
A laugh that’s so contagious that everyone will be positive
And a personality that’s able to turn a monday blues
Into a trip to Jamaica so now its known as a monday cruise
Because beauty is more than skin deep
And it shouldn’t disappear after you fall asleep
So I hope I will be able to tune into your channel
And by the way you 9/10 I just didn’t want to be another guy in the same panel.”
Well let’s just say after all that he got the girl
And I tried to steal his blueprint and only ended up with a black eye
But ey I’m the best man and I’m the one fixing his tie
Because for all these years he never changed the station…


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