You dont know

You soar the empty skies, gazing with those delightfully promiscuous eyes, exhibiting your beauty at the world’s demise…you don’t know you’re beautiful…
They treat you like an outcast, call you names and walk past…how reluctant they can be especially when you deserve all the credit…
You are all you need, Emancipated in your fortitude…
Taken away from reality, you believe you indulged in a Conspicuous fantasy where you become vindictive to these feeble creatures you created yourself to conquer over and depose against the lack of freedom you get…
You don’t know you’re beautiful…
You sit down one afternoon and blame yourself for the self incarceration you delved into when you started to hurt yourself impeding in monotony …you are sinister to your own discoveries, how when you know you’re right…you are shut out by these incompetent sticklers in your life…you don’t know you’re beautiful…, but the truth is…
The day you where born, God blessed you and put you in this intricate position knowing you’d be baffled as to how you’d conquer, he knew you are a warrior and he knows you are more beautiful than any one of those energy sucking thieves that have infested in someone else’s life because they have never received the attention you get…the truth is… you are an angel that he sent to purge the people, to esoterically construct a legitimate sanctuary that no one can tramp over because only the Lord can, you didn’t know you had a heart to let in things you shut out and had been longing to hear, because today was the day he’d tell you himself that you are beautiful
And at the same time he would admit you were his masterpiece
A piece crafted with such delicacy that a few tear drops feel from his eyes
Like sands from the hour glass they feel one at time
But he made sure that time was recycled
Just so he could see you over and over again
Because once you created your finest work
You need to sit down and admire it
People may mock you, because their beauty was upset and it kind of quit
And yet you still don’t see how beatiful you are?
When the sky makes sure its working hard enough
Just to get the stars and the moon to out shine you
The seas creates tempests because the water can’t sparkle like your smile does
I’ve never understood what true beauty was until I meet you
If no one else can see that their eyes are low they must have the flu


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