Take away or Stay

If you got invited into Gods Temple
Would you place your order as a take away
Or would you sit down and stay
Because having a take away is the same
As attending class, you were in attendance
But you can’t remember what was said
But you can remember what colour sneaks you wore
You know the edition sky Jordans or the trukfit T
With the skateboarder on it or how about
The girl in the 3rd Row of your maths class
Who has a dimple on both her cheeks
Who claims to be innocent but we all know
That she a freak… For christ and not these materialistic endeavors
Like the Iphone 5 or S4 or even the new Louis V shoes
I mean heels with the red bottoms and spikes all over
And I hope you don’t step on her shoes
You might need a 4 leaf clover
Because you never know when you may need some luck
You could try slip out of it like a penguin
Or don’t pull out and end up like a sitting duck
With an injured wing and a broken spirit
And no-one can take away the cracks
But one can mend your spirit, heart and soul
So the question remains will you sit down or have a take away
I may not be a saint but tonight I’ll be your waiter
So take your time because for this meal I’m going to give you a tip
Its better to indulge in the word than wonder off on tempting power trips


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