I write in black because they say opposites attract
Both manufactured in different ways so how will they react?
We claim that we are rainbow nation yet our colours don’t match
And I’m not talking about race I’m talking about the patch
That history left behind yet we still hold onto it
When there was one alpha dog and the rest would just sit
We needed passports to move within our own country
If u went into the wrong place, your head would be the bounty
We all said that we would forgive and forget
But a lot of people were bluffing when they made that bet
We are a rainbow nation but if you had to read along the lines
We learn to hate even though we are in a different time
Many died for a dream they believed that would live
I didn’t get to know them but I wish they were alive
As there dream breaths life but is being killed by a virus
Hate is an emotion that lives in our mind our thoughts are timeless
But I still write in black so my page can be coloured
Because if it stays plain then then what were these 19 years for?