Light Up My Path

In every step there is a foundation
In everything we do there is always a hidden temptation
Your right can be the only thing that turns me left
And when we give, why does everyone think that we have committed theft
So as I wonder on this earth alone
Something rings in my ear and I fall in love with the tone
And a path way lights up this gives me a better view
As I start to fall I want to know if this love is true
Because I have fallen into a thorn bush before
Getting back up was easy but I couldn’t find the cure
To heal the inner me, as I start
searching again
Finding peace of mind as my mind forgets the pain
So I let my heart think to enhance its capabilities
I let my mind love so they can have the same abilities
[G]rateful [O]verwhelmed and [D]etermine that’s GOD…
I’m imperfect yet u gave life to me…
[G]reed [H]urts [O]nly [S]inners [T]reasure so I carry the holy ghost…
Surrounded by darkness until that wall post
Lite up my path now I know were I’m going
So I give my faith to you and all you ask for is a showing
The amount of faith I have in you through my word
So I keep waiting for a partner even after the third
In christ we trust that is the motto
You don’t always need to lead sometimes you have to follow


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