Future Ex Wife

I told a girl once that she is my future ex wife
Well she didn’t take it to well because she imprinted her 5 fingers across my
I guess she wanted more but our love couldn’t handle the pace
So I told her ” I will never leave nor forsake like the bible scriptures
But if we want to create an art piece then we need to have a better picture
Or at least take it in HD
So that our child can see his family tree In hopes that one day he will be a poet
And stand up on stages just so other people can reach his level
So let’s not rush into it because I might commit adultery
And I don’t want u to see the worst of me”
And as I looked up into the sky trying to hold my tears up
She sighed and opened her mouth
“You say you don’t want me to see the worst of you
While our hearts collide in the things we do
I didn’t want you to tattoo my name across your heart
I just wanted those meaningless moments we had
Before this love got stuck in that rough net
I won’t lie when I say
That my five fingers are curved on your face
Didn’t take away the rage
I still get lost in my fantasies of you
Where we build something new
Where we raise our canvas piece
Into a masterpiece
Maybe I want us to explore our needs
And forget about the good deeds
We promised to keep”
Like fairytales I decided to let the story end on a happy not
This a PG poem so I can’t really tell you what happened next


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