Flashy Words

My teeth act as the flash
So your eyes can capture my words
While I speak hoping that you’ll save
This moment where I try to make you my digital girl
So if you will allow me, can we mxit up Because I would rather be with you
Than win a million rands or a pimp cup
We all have glitches but you
Are the perfect operating system
We look at different trends so we can ignore them
And I caught you with my inter net because death
Will not break us apart, so we can finally see what’s underneath
The earth while we try figure out how this connection was so natural
I think we may have proved that monogamy is factual
So these flashy words should be known as a law of attraction
Because without these words I wouldn’t have got any action
With your smile you may caused a chain reaction
So skype with my heart and you will see my mansion
That I built for you hoping to fulfill your every need
In hopes that you will nurture our first seed
Hopefully it won’t be a blackberry because then it needs to be bold
Or he might get bullied and his heart might be sold
Just to gain his sanity
Because this world has lost its humanity
I apologize if I treat our love like a fantasy
I might be old school but you gave me a courtesy


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