Love and Bluetooth

I use to be that bluetooth type of guy I would connect to anyone
Pair with them and then disconnect when I’m done
And it was on to the next one, someone with a different flavour
But you’re not that type of device that I would put as my screen saver
Or even put as my wallpaper but I would rub you off with sand paper
You see I’m looking for that infrared type of love
That monogamy love, us staying together for 50 years type of love
That I wake up drooling over you with no make up on type of love
Because that’s when you look like the angel I dreamt about in primary school
You gave me a smile when I walked in late with a Mcflurry
We sat at the bench watching kids play but you scared the boy off
I guess u were too much for him to handle
So I’m glad there was a waterfall around so when my skin overheats I can take a dip
I fear playing rough because you are a forbidden fruit but you allow me to take a sip
And I get drunk on your love and high on your smile
There’s blurred lines all over you because when people see you their words need to be censored
I want that crucifixion type of love nail me to her so I won’t let her go
But more importantly I want that infrared type of love
Because I’m not looking to share you…


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