A Letter to my mother

I was consumed in your womb                            forced to listen to the tunes of your breathtaking love
Hoping that there was no mute button to this audio that one should never remove
And for 9 months I was trapped in this fortress trying to get out
But then I was given a special kind of love,so what was I going on about
Tucked into this prism called a belly I had a mini soccer field
And with the touch of your voice,I was guaranteed a goal
The cheering I received when I came out as a living soul
Reminds me of the days when I was still in your womb
 Your heartbeat was the rhythm that kept my growing body alive
You gave me the warmth and unconditional love you hadn’t seen my face before
But our connection was more than looks the moment you found out
My gestation that was our bonding I was not a fetus but your little one
I was not an embryo but a sign of the completion of 2 lives brought to one
One heart two entities and three times the love
You were the water underneath me that allowed me to float like a dove
I was your creation so from the very begging you constructed my image
I was built by all the ink that was imprinted by your love on this empty page
I was Built by all that’s satisfying to accept and all that your love has made of me
 Overwhelmed by how you cut pieces of your soul with a knife and wove them into a blanket to protect me.
 How you turn your bones into a bunker, fill your own lungs
With sand and cradle me till your own clavicle is blown to powder
Fine as the dust on a butterfly’s wings
Your existence gave birth to a stain that permanently lives within my heart
Your heart sounds like jet planes heavy with the weight of sudden bliss, the joy of my arrival.
You touch me till my ribs become piano keys,
Till they recite music thats is scrolled across the inside of my lungs
Cause I’m breaking old patterns. You sing me lullabies.
You swore how you could feel me kicking weeks before my legs formed, that’s how my heart beats and it still does
Your womb is where I learned love is knowing the cord that feeds me could at any moment wrap around my neck.
Your ambiance scarlet of love hammered ink into my incomplete self of selfishness
Bringing an unconditional moonlight of acceptance while you paint joy in my lungs- laughter
The earth has exposed the concreted crust of your heart that makes music everytime there’s an earth quack
You destruct my inner dust and ground your shoes that forms my shape, my shell , my stilettos
My stilettos with the red bottoms to symbolize all your sacrifices
When you were unsure and placed your future in rolling dices
To ensure that I would live in a brighter place
And Today with your loving words and mother touch
You are what makes me who I am
Your love emerges every single beat of my heart.
You are the cover beneath my skin.
The reason I put myself together every time I give up.
Your love soothes me, softly.
The magic in your eyes calms me
Your smile brightens every single day I live
Your beauty is the reminder of how strong I am
You touch is a redefining phrase
I’d surrender who I’ve been for who you are.
Your love mother,
Your love is my turning page
The first word to every single chapter
The memo that I use to to draw up every character
Like the pages at the back of the book the key words are from your life
You are my never ending song.                        The words of your lullaby.                                    Helps me go by.                                                        To imprint love and joy.                                       Into my bones
You imprint love and joy
You are a heavenly prototype that rises in darkness
Your soul is the reflection to my angelic being
Supernatural mind that flies beyond the stars
That God fearfully crafted every time I think of you.
I’ve grown to be a guided child,
Who proudly stands here today to return the favour
And my ink I exhale was my personal breath to you
Happy Mothers Day


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