These are just simple words but the expression in your eyes turn them into art
Withdrew all my emotions and threw it into your cart
Filled with images of her and I together
Proof that angel and man lived in harmony
As your love goes straight into my heart through my artery
My mind can’t stop thinking of you so its clear to me
That Da Vinci artistry was an attempt to paint you perfectly
And Mona Lisa’s smile was a grin compared to yours
So when I’m with some one else it feels like a detour
As I try to make it to my paradise
I get held back by parasites
All locked up in a dream in which my dream girl envies you
As I run out of words just trying to describe you
You’re beautiful beyond measures as your reflection even smiles back…
So I keep making a new mixture
Trying to paint a new picture
Just to try to get you off my mind
So I look for perfection but I can’t find
Anything more exquisite than you…


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