Bored Games

I speak outside this box so you won’t have 30 seconds to scramble my words
This mind of mine is a monopoly to poetry my thoughts are in a jail
And bail goes to the highest bidder so its sold to my imagination
My brain cells sketch art while my nerves are playing snake and ladders
So she said she was mind fucked but I didn’t try to twister
I lost her eyes so I tried to jump to a different topic, I was trying to check her
Because these words flow like ink and the pen just burst its bladder
Cuming on the paper so these words have been impregnated
By colour so this is my version of 50 shades of Grey
One two three pages through but there’s no type of four play
So let me divide these words hoping that some of you get a tan
In this chilli weather my eyes are your biggest fans


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