Our Corpse fell out of our skins
Then our passion becomes so thin
We claim to love each other but a structure doesn’t exist
Trying to keep it moving, I wonder why I still persist
To scared to say its over because you’re the perfect match
I keep my arms open because you’re the one I want to catch
Rome wasn’t built in a day and it looks beautiful now
Can we go back to our old ways, the question is do we know how?
So let’s start something new as I rest my head on top of you
Waiting for the final count as my eyes turn blue
You can be my motivation with your cute daring looks
This doesn’t have to be a tragedy we can separate our live into many books
All of them start with you and I, the storyline will be the same
In every third page you’ll see your name
Your everything to me my definition of fame
A perfect tragic love story, I guess we’ll take the blame


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