Girl you got a perfect body I can not lie but you look ratchet
You’ve been spread like a disease and I don’t want to catch it
And by the time you find you mister right your worth will be smaller than an atoms
And when your children ask ”how did you meet daddy?” the memory will be like a phantom
A figment of the imagination because just like the others he was a one night stand
As you reveal every piece of your skin not for one man but a whole band
Cheap things attract a lot of attention because it has no worth
9 months of labour, 18 years of living and you were only a treasure at birth?
Even an oyster seals itself off after its found the one
A pearl that shines so bright that even the stars say well done
As it needs no false companionship because it knows its true worth
We’re all in the same school of life but in different classes because I’m not missing my periods
These words were a guideline that shouldn’t have mixed with numbers, four play
You kept your eyes glued on the plurals when you really needed a singular
Instead of looking at your eyes you let them all over your fibula
And after all that they shout out that chivalry is dead
Well class must have died to because it wouldn’t have been that easy to get into your bed
So both things are rare to find its almost like a myth
And love is that little thing that’s dangling on the cliff…


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