Breaking the reapers throne

“You get on my nerves and make it pop
My brain cells turn into hulk all they do is “Smash”
I’m losing control like cops at a riot, I can’t make it stop
My head aches and it grows into a migrant
It feels like the world has constructed a terrorist attack against me
With all these situations and that time of the month fee”
That’s the last words that my mother said to me
She died peacefully in her bed now she is locked up in her dreams
But I’ve decided to let these blades stroke my wrists
I bleed so that you can see that I put all my emotions on this paper
These words may be sharp but these paragraphs weren’t a blunder
It makes my life span tend to wonder As the lighting may not be clear but my heart beat acts as the thunder
I had no love but this pain became my cupids funder
And it felt like pain killers with scotch on the rocks
But I wasn’t rock climbing and yet I was looking for mount ever rest
I surrendered to this altitude because I couldn’t handle the test
I only got a few minutes left my body is losing all its blood
So there will be a new grand canyon… My eyes will echo…
The pain I had to endure…
Its my curtains call no need for an applause,
At least in this darkness there will be a few star wars
Because even though she is gone she lives through my poetry
I have 10 seconds left then I can tell her she made me feel like a stream floetry in motion…


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