I think… Kinda… Like… Love you…

I think I… Kinda… Like… Love you…
In other words I like the idea of loving you
I like the way you smile even after I asked you if the baby is mine
And your not even pregnant you just carrying extra baggage
Or the way you drive me crazy is that why you got so many curves?
And I keep you on my mind so stop stepping on my nerves
Cupid can feel this lovey dovey breeze so do I need to wear a shirt?
Because I decided to wear my heart upon my sleeve
But these sleeves cover up the scars that I got from falling for you
Now you can see from the scars that I am in this so deep
You take my mind on a roller coaster ride
Everytime I see your electrifying sight
I want us to turn Romeo and Juliet from fiction into a reality
Even though we walk through tragedies
I’ll always walk right next to you
Because I don’t want to be left behind
Even though that’s the best view I can find
But when I’m next to you I want to satisfy you
I’ll seal you in my arms like an envelope
Pull you into me so I become the skeleton to your soul
So that together we give birth to a seventh sense that no man will ever discover
I want to see the glint of envy in the eyes of our neighbors
As if we encrusted our souls into one
I want to engrave your name across my heart
So that I can ignite your sweet aura
And possess the enchanting love of our forefathers
I say that with no homo as I still want to father our child
I want to make my thoughts heard and turn them into reality
And change the scrolls written by the Egyptians
So that I can replace them
With my fiery love for you
And sign our end chapter with an
Intoxicating Kiss
But after everything I’ve said there’s one thing I can’t miss
This love I have for you has been beating for years
While my heart thinks that losing you is my biggest fear
So if you ever ask yourself if I still love you
Then my answer is yes, my actions try to prove that these words are true…

Done By
Dali ‘DL’ Luthuli
Shokey ‘Reshoketswe’ Segwane
Resego ‘Ress’ Molele


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