She was like graffiti on my wall
She caught my eyes with her vibrant colour
So its fair to say that she is a rainbow
And I hope that I’m the pot of gold at the end
Because I’ll use all my strength to make this world bend
And with her smile we can create more gentlemen let’s start a new trend
Where we show people that anything broken can be fixed
Even if you have a crooked heart I’ll make sure your emotions don’t get mixed
Because I want to make sure that sweeping you off your feet becomes a deja vu
As long as there’s air in my lungs we will always fall in love again
Cause I put you on repeat on my tracks you’re my love train
You make my engine steam up with love songs my lips can’t utter
And every time I try to sing it to you I stutter
Like I… I… I… Hope we can go get something to eat
If you have time because I’ll understand if you are beat
I just think that you are a star and I would like to take a seat
So I’ll be able to watch you shine as you make my solar panels
Kick into overdrive I’m getting in touch with mother nature
But you are my cleopatra so can I be your Cesar?
I don’t know what it is but the thought of you gives me a fever


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