How big are our dream?

Define the term ‘a figment of your imagination?’
Because our dreams are never to big
But the steps we take towards it may be too small
Too scared to go higher because of the chances we may fall
So instead of walking you decide to crawl
Taking no chances so you’ll rather damage your knees
Then try to toughen up your soul
So let’s break fast because this is no super bowl
They’ll be no ring on the finger
And no half times giving men bells
While listening to a want to be idols singer
Singing classical music on these wooden mics
Their melody was automatically synced with my ears
So my hearing frequency was on auto tune
Listening to everyone live on air to hear the 6 o’clock news
Because nowadays people don’t live their lives but they imitate the same views
So if we had to keep our noses in our own stuff how much could we accomplish?
Because we buff up our dreams up when all it needs is polish…
I just hope you don’t get addicted to the shine
Because you’ll lose concentration and be left with no protection
You don’t have a choice… But to stay focus
We all have dreams and I look to turn dreams to my reality
These vision will come true only writing should be fantasy
Gaze into my eyes and see a twilght ambition
To get my friends to start believing in themselves is my only mission
‘Be the change you want to see’ your mirror is a bit misty
So you let the public describe your exterior
Which damages your self esteem because they can’t see the interior
You forgetting that you’re like a lambogini so why do you want these suicide doors?


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