How 2 Love

Sold my reality so I could fulfill our dreams but this was no fairytale. No glass heels so your feet might as well bleed before this chapter ends because we only on page 3 we haven’t got to the foreplay

When I said you were the one and those times you said you loved me I might not have loved you two so with these three elements we should’ve had a Ménage à trois but you didn’t keep the receipt so you can’t get your heart back and its sitting on bad credit

I’ve invested all my emotions into this thing so I still got a bit of debit, the only thing I would want to ask is if you could teach me how to love? Because breaking these walls around my heart isn’t as easy as getting a bull dozer its like trying to walk straight when you aren’t sober because I’ve always been drunk on your love

But jealousy took over and I fell into my rages hand, I’ve looked over all the things I’ve done this is something I could never stand, I’ve become less than a man… I hope these words paint a picture because all I want is to see you smile

All I want is to let you lay on my chest just so my heart can meet its soul mate

All I want is to fill the gaps in between my hands with your fingers and look at your ring finger as it screams “Please put a ring here”

All I want to do is keep writing these poems so one of them can be at the same level as you

If I ever hold your waist I will never waste lines because my actions will speak for itself

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