She Asked

She asked me “Why do I love her?”
In all honesty I don’t know why
And cupids arrows won’t work so he why should he even try?
But there’s one thing I do know
Is that even when I tried to I wasn’t about to delete you
And trust me I’ve tried but I’m not in control
There has never been an alternative
Because you’ve always been the key
To my heart and your breath is the beat
So breath slowly I’m not trying to get a heart attack
Even with the warnings my heart still has you on repeat
And I reserved the seats in the front row of this train tracks
In the tunnel of love, who knows what we can do in the dark
Hence the saying once you go black you never go back
So I hope this isn’t cheesy but I’m loving it
I mean you, this love is 21 so why would you wanna fold?
So I will end this year with the thought of you in my head
Its been a few years and you stick to me like a scar
Our minds are connected so you never stay that far
Because at this moment the memories I have is all I shall hold
So until I see you again remember this
Is that a new lip gloss or do you just want to kiss?

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