Perfect Lies

Tshenolo Lindsay Cohen and Dali ‘DL’ Luthuli

Have you ever heard her lies at the seams where her mother told her life and death are just the same,
that a person torn from limb to limb dead is just the same as a person born, alive, healthy and going
nothing different because we were all born to live, to die, we were all born to lie and cry about our lies because no one knows “perfect”,
perfect is just a lie,
a word used to create dreams that could never come alive

But we still believe we can fly
So when we jump off cliffs and we start to dive into hells gate where lucifer awaits with a napkin ready to serve you a plate called karma because while you were pretending to be perfect you damaged everyone around you

Broke your mother’s spine with the lies you told from the depth of you clavicles as they ignited in belief,
You damaged yourself without knowing
All the lies you told while growing
lucifer illuminating flames into your heart while blowing, blowing perfect into your weak and sunken heart, lies.
It’s all just lies.

Lies that you couldn’t see nor realize
Because you were living in a figment of your imagination
Grow up child we aren’t living in the matrix
You sold your soul that night you made that man smile
Screaming ‘ Oh My’ you couldn’t have came sooner
People keep saying that you are pregnant
I bet you wish it was a rumor
You named your child just to have a little humor

Named your child just to look a little cooler
Named your child to just get rid of the rumors because of course you want no one to know you lost your virginity to a man slightly deceitful
A man who never said he loved you too

A man who spent the night
And disappeared like the sunlight during an eclipse
But your son rays with Happiness
Even though he was a fatal mistake
So let’s dine in the pits of hell
Your child is pure but you are the one that fell

Fell at the seams where you told your mother lies
Broke her spine and you never cared any less, any more
Never cared because you thought you had it all
The man who lied to you,
the dirty face you saw scrawled on the moon

The face that burned by the sun
That promised to make you a star
But he forget to tell you that he was shooting at the galaxy
So your 15 minutes of fame ended in 5
Now you lost in thought you had enough space
And its sad that no one cares if they find you
No search parties they rather put their eyes on trace

Oh What a warm heart and a beautiful soul you had, but it all disintegrated from all the lies.
You fell from perfect and all that made you worth it.
It was all just lies, perfect lies.


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