We will have that top deck type of love I will be the king and you were the queen
And everyone will think our relationship is an Ace
Because we will keep everything between us 2
Well 3 because of the little one
Which means there will be no time for 4 play
So we will use to give each other high 5s
And you will be so corny when you tell me I’m 6cy
I hope you won’t have that sense of humour when you’re 7ty
Because we’ll be together until we are 8ty
And if somehow we make it to 9ty
I’ll still think you’re a 10
Because my heart has been beating for you since I was 11
So if love was a gamble then this must be black Jack
As I keep hitting 21 of hearts
Even though I’ve told you I love you in 52 ways
In 4 different types of way
Let me explain I’ll never buy you Diamonds because they can’t reflect your smile
Its priceless, and my Heart belongs to you
But men have joined the ‘I want you’ Club
So now I have competition and you are my only choice
Here’s my black book and a Spade so let’s bury it
Or we can stop playing these card games
And head to my place… And keep ourselves busy…