The Cancer inside my system killed my dreams and resurrected my worst fears crucified the hope that I had left
It broke free all my inequities and insecurities
It left me with so much void that nothing can fill it up
Dreamed bout being Marilyn Monroe
But I watched my passion nailed on the scarecrow

Losing my fur coat and now I’m hairless
And the functions to my organs keep breaking up
As my blood vessels are distort it needs some make up
Because some how this hump made everything look like a mess
Unexpected blood spills destroying my image
I struggle to swallow food this is kinda pain that I’ve been given

I try to embrace it and continue my ending journey
I get few weird looks and gabs
It feels like I was cursed and not curved to perfection
I guess everyone has their imperfections
But mine were engraved with exaggerated pain
I quote verses in my sleep
Praying to God that it will ease the affliction
So that I can have a little life to keep
I won’t let this cancer to rain on my parade

Dali and Shokey


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