I can only feign acceptance
Of a heart that was shattered
All that is left is to walk out with a smile
And my head held high
Even though I am craving for the hearts of devious humans
Even though my heart is in deep seas I refuse to drink bitterness in hopes of people who did not accept me to perish

They say forgive and forget while I can only do half
my heart deletes all the things you have done
But my brain holds on to all the images
But this photo gallery has its own canvas
And it doesn’t want to burn so these picture remain classic
I’m just saying if you were on fire you better hope I know magic

I am burning with the passion to be accepted
But the people whom I want them to take me as I am
They don’t even accept themselves
I want to rise above the misconception of you being accepted
I know they will stare
Throwing judgment telepathically
But I refuse to be the definition of ordinary

Because I was molded to be a size bigger, extra ordinary
I was never meant to be normal couldn’t you see from my life story
With these words I utter I try to give people an idea of my glory
Whether or I not I forgive it may be a whole different story to forget
And you may be forgiven but that doesn’t mean I have to talk to you yet

They say forgiving is the first step to healing but I am having hard time dealing with this misery that is killing me
So I shall live my life and enjoy the fruits of my generation

Shokey and DL


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