So we got that Oreo type of love
No not because I’m dark and she is light
Its that type of love you need to split open
And lick the inside put us back together
And dunk it into milk
In short what I’m trying to say
Is that we got that dry type of love
This was all her fault by the way
She was very controlling and weird
To the point that she had a vase line
Like an actual line with just vases
That even had labels for everyday of the week
This made roses lose their colour and they became bleak
Because she made me over do it
So I was in the same position just shooting a different scene
And yesterday she came to me and said
” You use to console me but now you are more focused on your pen
And paper busy writing this poetry garbage!”
So I didn’t know how to react so I told her
” You know what I’m working every single day
And trust me its not for the love of the game
And the only console I need to be holding or trying
To be active with is the one I use to play Fifa
You see I remember a time where we had that top deck type of love
We use to have that top deck type of love
I was your king and you were the queen
And everyone thought our relationship was an Ace
Because we kept everything between the 2 of us
Well 3 because of the little one
Which means there will be no time for 4 play
So we give each other high 5s
And you use to be so corny when you use to tell me I’m 6cy
I hope you won’t have that sense of humour when you’re 7ty
And I hope our marriage is over or you jump off a bridge by the time I’m 8ty
And if somehow we make it to 9ty
I’ll still think that you look like a 10
Because I’ve loved you since I was 11
With 21 heart but we aren’t playing black jack
And I’m really getting tired of these Card Games
I don’t want that you thinking of me and me thinking
Of you type of love because I have better things to do
And I don’t want that crucifixion type love
Because I’m really scared of nails and your nails are quite long uhmm
So I’m cool, I’m chilled
I want that type of love even when I hate you I still love you somehow
And even when your friends look better than you I still think you’re beautiful
Even though that’s a lie, you can’t blame a guy I try
You see I want a type of love that not even God could break”
And I told her all of this and she responded with an “Ayt”
But obviously this didn’t go my way because I ended up sleeping on the couch


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