Last poem for the year maybe ever…


I thought our relationship was an hour glass figure
Where the grains of sand are longer than the scriptures
But I didn’t know that you got your sand next to the nile
You broke my heart so I could cry a river
Instead of telling me the truth you let another guy make me shiver
I got hit with a stinna that shattered our hour glass
So let’s forget the sand that symbolized our memories
The water that symbolized all the moments I had with you
And the cement I placed to ensure I would never cheat on me
Because the stairway was concrete to what I thought was heaven
And you were my pillar but you where in touch with seven
Different temporary solutions this must be sin
Cos90 percent of the time you were the one
And I thought that you were tangent to my heart
Which was a milky way so there was no need for alternative space
So being the good guy will never get you into first place
So I wish you the best I really hope u get an STD
Because I’ve given you a large part of my life
Which you got the master keys to so you had all of me
So when he cheats on you and trust me he will
Just know even if I didn’t say I love you everyday
Poetry was my art and it was you I was trying to portray


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