Putting The Pen Down 2.0

The full version of the poem enjoy…

Where to start, where to start?
Well in primary I thought girls had cuddies
And all of them looked the same to me from a dineo to a ruby
They we’re all ironing boards but a few of them had humps
And as we got older all these ironing boards started to develop a bumps
I was developing a plank that never wanted to stand down
Let’s just say when I woke up I was too scared to look down town
Because I wasn’t the only one who woke up with a smile
If you know what I mean…
And this is when I gave birth to my love life
Or in other words I allowed girls to start stabbing me with a knife
It all started in 2004, her name was Kirsty-Lee
And my presence was something she could never see
That year was the last time I saw her, she just got up and left
I was saddened because she had committed theft by stealing my breath
After all that drama 2005 came around and I saw miracles
She was perfect you could call her lyrical
Her name was Micheala and hi seemed to be my favourite line
I tried to make a move but she was leaving
And my efforts were done too late
In 2006 I could have sworn I met the nicest looking girl ever
She had curves that even Vettel couldn’t manage
Her name was Kirsten and after you looked at her your eyes would need a bandage
In 2007 I met Saishalia I called her my Cinderella
Once again I never had the guts to tell her
I still liked her but at the end of the way
We departed our separate ways and I hated it
I wanted to keep the communication alive, well I guess I tried
But called to late and all I got was ” the number have dialled doesn’t exist”
So there was no glass slipper to this fairy tale ut ended with a twist
And I’m reminded by this everytime I see her picture
But like everything else in life that year passed
Now this is embarrassing for me to say but I hadn’t given anyone a kiss
Well until 2008 that’s when I turned from Norbit to Blitz
Her name was Entle and she stole my virginity, ah my lip virginity
She had a smile that made me think “Why do people take life so seriously?”
I use to call her honey and I was her Winnie the Pooh
But she lived close to the sea and I was in the city of gold
So I decided not to take a gamble on our emotions and decided to fold
Because they say if you love something then you should let it go
So I dropped my phone, picked up the pen and let my hand flow
In hopes that one day my love will be visible and make her smile like a comedy show
Even though we weren’t together I may have cheated on her in 2009
When my heart started beating to a yellow bones smile
The first time I saw a thick girl in a while
She was bubbly like champagne and got me on some other high
Her name was Gali and mine was Dali so we would’ve been on some 4 letter each fly
But I made the biggest mistake that year because I wrote a poem for her
It was titled ” My First and Last” but Cupid had other plans, he had a AK47 filled with arrows
And one of my friends got shot so I decided to choose keeping a friend
Rather than trying to get the perfect girl so we could create a top deck blend
As my last act I decided to post the poem on my facebook under notes
And sent her a private message with the link just so she could know how I felt…
She played BINGO with my heart and there was no need to take her belt
But just like Kirsty-Lee she did a disappearing trick and moved to a different destination
So her smile turned from a reality into a figment of my imagination
Now that year my heart went through more spark moments than matches
When I saw a retard called Yara, a innocent soul around a few ratchets
She was misunderstood by others but I understood were she came from
She was out of my league but for once I wanted to be in the A-Team
Be the guy who swept her off her feet, I’m going to need a big broom
I kept making her smile smile ’cause she cuts her arm to get out of feeling gloom
She doesn’t know this but I would kill Chuck Norris if I had to keep you safe
Even my friends thought I was tripping well its hard to regain your balance
After you’ve fallen not once but twice with a Queen, now I know what Julio Cesar felt for Cleopatra
I suffocate when she’s not around, my parents though I had asthma
She never wore make-up because trends to her didn’t matter
And I told her if she hits 30 and she’s single then I’ll be the one she’ll marry
So she can forget about Tom,Dick and Haryy she’ll have something else to carry
And I’ll be her foundation even on her bad hair days and everytime she forgets to shave her legs, that ish could be scary
But this wasn’t going to work out because she couldn’t see clearly
Her vision was damaged by these pests that thought they were men, self proclaimed unfairly
I keep her in my heart because if I keep waiting physically my love will go weary
So I hope she remembers me like Zuma remembers to sharpen his spear
Because the only other female I’ll love more than her is our little girl which we’ll hold so dear
After I left your side it was the World cup fever
And a guy once told “Its better to have three than one because who enjoys eating KFC the whole week? When you can have MacDs”
I was lovin’ it until I got addicted to this happy meal her name was Yashika
Lips so soft that she made my taste buds Jika
That’s when Mi Casa became Su Casa
I burnt my black book because she was the answer
Or at least that’s what I had thought
But Karma has its ways and can not be bought
After dating her for six months she told that she cheated…
For Three months of the relationship…
15 july 2010 the day I turned 16…
Yes she told me on my birthday, a present I hadn’t foreseen
And it was with another girl, so should I have washed the slate clean?
I don’t think I could even if I wanted to I’m not into sharing
So now I had to rebuild these walls to stop me from caring
I started listening to J Cole so I could stop draking
Started a new dream without love but my eyes were faking
Visuals of the playboy mansion or better yet the bachelor
Flipping girls in the air one by one with a spachelor
But that wasn’t the type of man that my mother raised
Just found out she has Cancer… My mind got blazed
But you stood by my side even though I wanted to be alone
Her name was Nureyev if I could I would mould her name on a stone
And let it float in my galaxy while she remains a shooting star
So my 2013 had a shooting star and dampening news
Nureyev was that shining light in this little mews
That we call life but she was as visible as toughees in the dark
I told my friend ” Seeing her is like no litter in the park”
A very rare site so you could say I was dating my phone
We would be close for three months straight then she went on a silent tone
I think she fears commitment so I use to send her a poem to make her smile
But why am I the one putting 80% this love is in denial
So I deleted her of BBM but I still miss her weird giggle
But my hearts been broken too many times so I’m going to be single
For a while…


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