I’m trying to be the same person but this is a task I can’t bare
To see this type of darkness in the light is a sight that is so rare
Now this is how I feel when I have to go back to my old ways
Collecting girls like trophies so I have enough to fill up my display
That’s the type of man you like, right?the one that always cheats
“Violence is not the way, a woman I shall never beat”
A slogan that they he doesn’t really understand but its something he repeats
Because you we’re his queen the only one that held me down
But when he turned his back he assumed that you were with
Another male in another town
And yet he made a promise against non violence which he couldn’t keep
So he ruined ur beauty to prove that love is more than skin deep
He tells you that pain is a feeling that we all go through
And he tells you he cares but you don’t know if that’s true
He has your heart and it seems like he has you under his control
But let me just say that you can live without a heart as long as you have a soul


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