Push Her Love

I have been broken by the pain & the
Sorrow of the world
The heart that was once beautiful turned into a black hole
The slightest words you spoke
Pierced through my veins and never regained the love again
I tried to reach for your love but your heart was taken by drunken words of your beau
The first time he touched me
I was timed & I wanted to run to my mother
But he whispered into my ear and told me this was normal
There was no use in being afraid because my life was already filled with pain so who was I to object when I already don’t know what love is

Love… He put his hands in between my knees
And I pushed it away because it wasn’t meant to be free
The man who unlocks iÞ will have to put a ring on me
But he was drunk but not in love so he coloured me
He turned my hazel eyes into black eyes
He decided to create a connect the dots game
With all the bruises that he left on me last night
And scrambled my teeth to create empty voids
So my thoughts can be echoed because I’m tired of screaming

The words that I wanted to shout
Were so loud in my head
I feel like my mouth has a censored cross
That I couldn’t release the pain that was sewed on my heart
Your sickening breath brushed over my skin and turned my blood toxic
I took you in and thought you were my father but you took the bottle and made it your daughter
The mother I have took my love and threw it away and replaced it with the devious pain
I was manipulated so many times
And even the I love you she spoke started to sound like a lie

A lie that she couldn’t hide because the man
That she married got tired of the fact that she couldn’t give birth
So he planted his seed into me
I guess that’s his version of BEE
Because he destroyed my tender
And my soul when he penetrated everything he had into me
While leaving me shaken as if my nerves had experienced an earthquake
Because he left permanent cracks on me
So the image I have for my future is a calarge
Without the glue so we do not know how many moments I have left

Shokey & DL


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