Game Station

I remember a time where we had to work for things
A time when we weren’t afraid to touch the sky because red bull gives you wings
So there was a time we believed we could fly
But we sold our dreams and never asked for change
Till this day so we made a loss and somehow ended up in a mental cage
Where our creativity is audited to ensure everything is a replica but on a different page
So what I’m about to tell you is the only way I know how to explain
The fact that we have bleached our minds so our ‘swag’ is plain
You see there was a thing called chivalry which recently had a heart attack
And we are about to pull the plug because love is starting to be black
Well not the race the colour, so its losing its light
Because there was a time where looks didn’t matter
Even if you had green eyes if you wanted her name you would have to fight
The 4-5-1 formation that she had put in place to test you
You would first have to get past her offensive attitude
And strategically pass her five midfield creative players
So you can penetrate her defense the one that protects her heart
And then aim, position yourself so you may shot and reach your goal
You only need to be 1-0 up to win this match
Because you still have a battle to prepare for
Where you have to pass the border line and kill the lieutenant with a smile
But bomb the commander by showing him you have the ability to be a man
So you may declare the house as your own
And protect it from the big bad wolf with cannons of stone
Because bricks/stennas aren’t allowed on this premises
As we have already built our newcastle
That is surrounded by our liverpool
And protected by a huge Arsenal
That ended up being the 4th biggest in our land
So if these pirates come through during sundown
We will have to employ our chiefs
And we all know these pirates can’t win a final
So Ladies I need to know don’t you want this type of man?
A man that is able to protect you from harms way
And not just financial needs, aren’t you tired?
Of guys coming to you and saying “hey you look like a tswape
Can I take you out?” Or guys that scream “Ma babeza”
Because You guys set the standards but if you lower the bar
Then bafana bafana will be able to take a shot and succeed
And they don’t plan to win your heart
They would rather draw you into their arms
Because they have extra time and will leave after they hit the spot
So your virginity received the death penalty
As these white sheets turn into a red card
So to control this you substitute your partner
In hopes that they will change the game
But let’s be honest, you can’t hate the player hate the game
Because no matter what you do nothing will be the same
And Guys aren’t you tired?
We’ve officially turned most of the good girls into ratchets
And your front side decides to play baseball so you might catch it
But you use a glove for security because you are insecure
To the fact that you aren’t able to give up your heart
Because you don’t want to get hurt
And the reason you have so many girlfriends
Is to fight the fact that your parents had no time for you
So you compensate with multiple decimals to create that one
Person that is able to complete you
Aren’t you tired of deleting texts
Or meeting girls in dodgy corners?
Don’t you want a girl that turns your chest into her home
Because when she lays her head on your chest
Your heart beat speaks with drums because it has
Found its drummer and you create a band
That creates a perfect symphony that is played when we hold hands
What I’m trying to say is that as a Species we have lost Our patience
So we wake up in the morning fast and furious
Because We have a need 4 speed
We aren’t Japanese but We act like its Tokyo drift
whilst driving a Honda jazz
So we improvise every move like jazz men
Dodging these curves and allowing big sean to say swerve every 5 seconds
So we keep changing our directions
Trying to keep the communication so we say eita but can’t find a connection
And we support people on social medias
That don’t think before they speak
I understand why its called twitter
Because some people twits
And they encourage stalker tendencies by following you
So get off your phone because while you on facebook
Poking people you don’t know and will probably never
You can’t see what’s happening to humanity…
Its dying because we forget the meaning
So say hi to the person next to you meet someone new
Let’s bring humanity back create some love in this crew…


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