So I’ve just recently come back from the wilderness
Where boys go to become men
And stop writing their life story in pencil but in pen
This forces them to think before they speak
As there is no erasers allowed in this life story
As we all wait to find our purpose or our testimony
You see I’ve done things that young poets around me dreamt about
I’ve been on TV and been published abroad
I should be happy but you see these weren’t my dreams
I’m still waiting for my testimony
And “I will wait for you” as if the words of the poem
Were written in my genetics
And give these spineless people bones that turned into flesh
So their emotions can stand up straight
Because I’m looking for that crucifixion type love
A love that is so strong that whenever we are apart
It feels like my heart is being nailed to a cross waiting for her touch
Because without out it I fall astray
And I thought I finally saw the steps to hells gate
And as I approached them another pathway appeared
Which made me change my direction because I wanted to get a better view
Of her and I must admit I fell for her…
And at first I thought that I fell in love with the wrong person,
The reason I say this is because I’m a starving artist
Who imagined that the girl of my dreams would be thick, juicy and tender
But instead I fell for a girl who was slender
Although her heart was thick
And her arms gave me insurance that I wouldn’t feel down
While looking up at the sky, I realized that she was my orions belt
So I told her that if I was the black sky
Then she must be the glimpse of hope that brightens up my mood
A shooting star-let that wonders around my mind
And calls me via my brain cells with unlimited talk time
So the thought of her skyped with my creativity
Whilst challenging my intellectual views on whether angels exist
Because you see my heart went through some low shedding
So God decided to generate her
So I may use her as a power station
Because I lacked the energy to care about other people
Who create a radio active reaction that killed the oxygen
Circulation to my heart, creating a signal failure
Caused by the explosion of their reactions
So I had shattered glass of past experiences
Which she took out piece by piece
Recycling the negative into positives
While patching up my wounds
And completing this puzzle that we call love
So she was my Da Vinci,my Picasso
and I seem to be her Mona Lisa but I’m barely smiling
But the view she had pictured of me never pixelated
So I focused my goals and zoomed in so that
My hand will never wave goodbye to her because
You sea she sprinkles gold on the reef of my pupils
Changing the colour of my iris as if the sun has set
And I still have in my field of vision before our sun rises
So she won’t be a one night stand or lost in the distance
Nor will these sun rays be eclipsed by verbal pollution
Because minding our own business is the only solution
And even though I haven’t found my testimony as yet
I don’t mind spending time with a person that makes me feel
Like happiness is a phone call away
And realising that relationship should have a longer life span
Than any blackberry battery because love was built in a factory
It comes from the bottom of your soul and works its way up
Going through ur different arteries causing a chain reaction
And this feeling is more powerful when there’s 2 chainz
That connect to make one…
I have not discovered what my testimony is…
But she comes pretty close and I found christ in her
So I may not have discovered my testimony
But I shall wait for it…


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