My mind use to run away to you
But you started drifting and I didn’t have the stamina to keep
Chasing a lost cause because I’ve been told
That as a man you need to pick your battles wisely
And even though losing this one hurt me more than you’ll ever know
It wasn’t the result that hurt but the way in which it was obtained
You see we were all fine and dandy before I went on my trip
3 weeks apart I guess a few things would slip
And when I came back its like you closed yourself off
Well at least from me, was it really the distance
Or was it your way of saying that you moved on?
But like a dog chasing his tail I kept pursuing with no success
And like white people in horror I could see where this
Was going but I still headed through the door
Thinking that you had my back not knowing
You were getting ready to stick a knife through my heart
I just want to make it clear that its not what you did
But how you did it, because for the past four years I’ve
Never felt my heart beat the way it has when I see you
So yes as a gift a bought you a diamond necklace
In hopes that the reflection would be able to mirror my emotions
Or even my thoughts because I was trying to say thank you
For reminding me that I have the ability to care again
As well as always being near me when times were tough
And these 8 carrots could never express that
But I hope that it puts a smile on this bunny rabbit
Because like I said before no matter what happens I don’t wanna lose you


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