Its about a woman

To all men out there this is a very special month and we need to approach it in the proper manner with respect and love because its the month when the Barclays Premier League RETURNS!!!!!!
And it also happens to be the month that we celebrate women
Ladies,I sometimes wonder if you know how powerful you are
Because it seems like you use make up to cover your true essence, your true beauty
And not fully understanding that men sometimes envy the pimples
That rest on your face because they lay on your skin
And grab your attention on a daily bases as you try to pop
Its bubble or cover it with layers not knowing that your base
Is ruining the foundation that we hold dear to us
Or how the blushes that you apply is similar to a fake orgasm
In the sense that sometimes we assume that its real
But your whole look seems to be a fairytale
Where you’ve been deceived by society into thinking that you’re an ugly duckling
Whose natural beauty can not be possible with out any add ons
But in actual fact you are Swan see the image in this crystal palace has been pixelated
Because you are too scared too acknowledge how beautiful
You are, your beauty doesn’t shine it reflects like a diamond
And I know that treasure is covered up by so many layers
This might be done to ensure that the person who is willing to dig
Through all of these layers will cherish it more
So you dress up all the scars that your exs left on you
So you try to look like these cover girls searching for True Love
Nationwide while your eye browse watches your
Eyes lashes drum to the number of times that you had misplaced your heart
With a guy that only stayed for A minor second
And decided to never watch the sunrise next to you
Because he was told to B Sharp when you can’t see what’s under the cover
Especially when he is just looking for his FHM
For His Mate but its hard to see that when you can’t find the purity
And no not the baby food but the natural essence that defines
That allows us to be ourselves with no hidden floor
So we may determine the level that we fell in love with you
Look I have nothing against make up its
Just that one person had told me “that its not the make up that
Counts its the make up of mind that matters”
Because our looks will fade but the way we make people feel
Will live for ever in our hearts and our minds
And that is why they say beauty is more than skin deep
Because we are all lost souls renting bodies that we shall never keep…


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