Dialogue with a ratchet

I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with us
We have this tendency of treating one another
As if we were born from feces so we are worth less than shit
I’ll give you an example I was sitting in town and
An argument broke out which just happened to be
In my radius so my eyes were tangent to this drama unfolding
And my line of vision got blocked off by my hand
Because he said “Look I’m not trying to waste time
I know a ratchet when I see one I just want to get drunk and fuck
And I’ve already got some from you so I’m on to the next one”
And she responded by displaying the tallest finger that she had
In his direction and told him ” At Least you aint gonna get this
A grade Ratchet ever again.” This left me in shock
And she decided to sit next to me,the first thing I thought
Was “Well this is an easy squeeze although I prefer the challenge”
But my thinking process was killed by her tears
So I needed to handle this brainstorm to try and comfort her
Before she gets hit by a tempest of emotions
And I didn’t want my tshirt to get wet so I told her
“Look I’m no expert but I think he’s an Ass with no
Disrespect to donkeys around the world.”
She giggled while whipping the tears off her face
And gave me a glimpse of her beautiful smile
I continued by saying”My gender usually judges a book by their cover
And yours is just a little under dressed so they don’t
Think its worth the read in their minds you are the type
Of girl that says “Chomi I-ran to the middle east of the stadium
And made out with six guys who Iraq-on had a few inches
They probably were Venda, Nda” and your actions created
An atom bomb which killed his ability to care
So you destroyed his Gaza and left them in a heart broken state
When they had just finished rebuilding it
Because you see no one wants to have a second/third maybe fourth hand
Item but they still believe that practice makes perfect
So while you have your age you should experiment because its worth it so they say
But its not all your fault I mean what else were you suppose to do
When all these so called men started playing hit and run
As if it was burnout, as they try to get. their tallies up
While recklessly playing with your feelings as they overtake
Each other knowing that they aren’t trying to win the race
You see there’s not a big difference between you and I
I’m a poet, I know this doesn’t make sense but let me explain
I stand up in front of an audience and strip myself naked
With these words that I utter in hopes that all of these people
Will fall for me, yes I gaze into all their eyes seducing them
With every pun to ensure that they won’t be able to read between the lines
Or how I try to convince them how deep this piece may be
But its a few inches short to please you
Maybe I’m compensating for something I lack
You see the biggest difference between you and I is that
Your feet are closer to the sky than my dreams are
And your legs are more open minded than my thoughts are
As well as easier to access so all in all what I’m trying to say
Is that everyone is ratchet in their own way but we need to be selective
About who we show that side to and it should be limited edition.”
Straight after that her Jaw dropped onto the floor
And not knowing if she wanted me to insert something I decided
To take my credit and leave… In hopes that my words
Will be able to help her change her actions because
Words are the planning phase to a persons reaction to life
So plan for the future so you may let life implement
Its blessing open your life and don’t leave up to chance
Because that person you called ratchet could be your soul mate
If you could just ment the cuts and seal the scars you may just see what
You have been missing your whole life… Love


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