Not walking down the aisle

“I think you look fat in that dress
And let me not talk about that mess
That you call a hairstyle, do you know that
Anything white that is on you makes you look like
A cloud, boy you could block the sun out the scale
Must be proud…” These are some of the many statements
I thought I was going to tell you but you
Deserve for me to tell you like a man why this marriage won’t do
It all started when we first met at my darkest hour
My life was hell and it had frozen over so I knew I wouldn’t grow like a flower
This ice age stage of my life and you got me through it
Had you on my mind and when we connected skin to skin
It was magic so we won’t let this flu in, so you helped me put my heart at bay
But I ended up realising that you never took me out of it
You just made it more comfortable for me to stay
So I got use to these cold feet like reindeers in a snow storm
But even this weather we reproduced and ensured that our kids were warm
All 150 of them that were constructed with every letter that we ever combined together
It was all written in stone so these earthquakes will be imprinted in earth’s soil forever
But you kept me deep in depression so you would always have a hold of me
So when I met the light her pixels made everything so clear
Looking in her eyes the picture of her started to look like a selfie
And with every gaze that I took at her I saw our kids and they defined her
And I had to tell her parts of me in order to go past this one step
Kids were never the issue but the connection I have with you will cause a lot of tissues
To get wet like Niagara but my Emotions won’t fall anymore
So you will not see me walk down this isle, I can’t marry you poetry
In order for me to move onto happy places I needed to find myself
And Mylesa is the perfect remedy to this struggling health…

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