Chivalry Faked its death

Do you remember the last time you masturbated?

When you were dying in thirst and you decided to try a more individual stroke

And when you did eventually come from your first lap your morales and values broke

Now before I continue there is something I need to explain

We are servants to this life we don’t fish like master

Bate is what we are on this earth for so we cannot worm our way out of it nor hide behind our soil

You see we have less originals makes on this earth yet we think these rreality shows

Are counterfeits but our lives are porn fantasies, people profit from it and yet we are the ones that live it.

Like twits on a blue moon we never really understand the obsession with it but we follow it

And this is where the issue begins, So ladies why do you allow society to degrade you?

And allow people’s negative views destroy you? As if they had keys to your heart?

The only reason I ask is because I have two baby sisters that I adore

And I mend their hearts while building their foundations because no man can live up to the standards

We have dropped our morals so low that we have become a product that isn’t branded

It gets worst by the year I fail to see how most men can bare to stand it

See chivalry isn’t dead it’s just too disgraced to even be associated to our gender

Because the only thing chivalry sees in your eyes is that you want to bend her

Take every aspect of her physical being and throw her emotions in the blender

So chivalry faked its death because it was the only way it knew how to surrender

This is no dialogue with a ratchet type of piece because those girls were broken by these memories created by ghosts

That chivalry couldn’t even remember, we’ve become empty vessels

That try to infringe our third leg into females just to have the decoration on our stick

Instead of opening legs we forgot to do ethical things like opening doors

We are always trying to be above woman so we can use their broken pieces as our foundation

We don’t even know feed their souls or their stomachs, ask yourself this

When was the last time you took your girl on a date? I would say girlfriend

But you guys have so many side chicks that your nickname could be poultry

But if our girl looks at another man you beat them, marinate their faces with our knuckles

So her face starts looking like different seasons, and we laugh at her pain because these wounds

Don’t affect you, because to you all these girls are Nintendos but not the Wii

He treats you as if you are portable and places you in the back pocket so you

Are always option B and not A so there will be no reason Y he won’t let you go and make you an X

Maybe he starts to select the thrill he gets in poking his sticks and you are his favourite selection

So he plays with your emotions until your batteries are dead so he can recharge it because he is an infection

That will never run out of steam, now this is just one type of man there are more that don’t know what they are doing

You see there are males out there who barely have the intelligence to make a sandwich

But look to fertilize woman as if there are droughts in our population

Because once the seed comes to life you so called men leave it with mother nature

Keeping yourself at a distance by rejecting her calls

But you prefer booty texts because a please call me isn’t that appealing

Because like everything in your life you only have it cause of the money in your pocket

We as men fail to understand that woman are not private companies

So we can not buy into them like equity or treat them like shares

In hopes that they will share their most intimate aspects with us

But we never pay for anything, we lack the ability to take responsibility

So we leave the bill with her and give her a heavy tip by emptying out her bank of emotions

And yet they still have the nerve to ask “How can we help you?”… Men are these the standards we are willing to set

We want our women to be pure but like thieves in the night we steal her virginity

With sweet words like “I would jump through flaming rings in hell gates just to be with you.”

And yet you wont put a ring on her finger? Because that line has been used in so many tales

That your mouth is known as dream works, it amazes with its trailers but the film tends to have no worth

You will find your fairy-tale ending though but like Othello you will have a tempest in your path

And you will be forced to face all the demons you once possessed because event though

“Hell have no fury like a woman’s scorn” but karma is still a bitch

That’s never been trained in its life so your lack of understanding will be your biggest downfall

Let me ask you this, Have you ever asked yourself why most falls are named after females

It’s because once you lose the current you will drop ot your demise…

Let’s take a step back and re-evaluate things because our evolution

May end up turning into our rapture where we won’t play any role & destroy our own structure

By putting our hands on her ass when she clearly doesn’t want you to touch her

Would you allow another man to even try that with your mother? We should never have double standards my brother

Now before we can walk we must crawl so let’s take it one slide at a time

With candle light dinners and walks in the parks by bringing her chick flick dreams to life

Buying her roses and showing her our affection so that when you tell her that she is your world

She wont treat it like a bluff, and lets put women on the pedestal that they should be on

By keeping her heart hot, her temper mild and ensure that that her eyes always have flames

Because they are beautiful and we shouldn’t compare them to how hot we want our food

Or your relationship will always stay medium raw and your insecurities will remain juicy and tender

Now a loyal girl may irritate you but if she cars let her because when her emotions feel comfort

You will start to become better… see im not perfect I make mistakes too

But because we have so many pressures we get judged too… I Lost the love of my life once

Guess Chivalry is leaving my DNA as well… But I want my daughter to know what a real man is so Chivalry I hope you get well



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