Not walking down the aisle

“I think you look fat in that dress And let me not talk about that mess That you call a hairstyle, do you know that Anything white that is on you makes you look like A cloud, boy you could block the sun out the scale Must be proud…” These are some of the many … Continue reading Not walking down the aisle


Dialogue with a ratchet

I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with us We have this tendency of treating one another As if we were born from feces so we are worth less than shit I'll give you an example I was sitting in town and An argument broke out which just happened to be In my radius so … Continue reading Dialogue with a ratchet



Left stranded on a crossroad, lost with no direction Just another lonely boy that wasn't given any attention... Physically damaged, mentally scarred and emotionally unstable... He still wonders what lies for him in the future As he lays his thoughts on a constructed table There's no hope left as he faces a struggle every waking … Continue reading Lost