Not walking down the aisle

“I think you look fat in that dress
And let me not talk about that mess
That you call a hairstyle, do you know that
Anything white that is on you makes you look like
A cloud, boy you could block the sun out the scale
Must be proud…” These are some of the many statements
I thought I was going to tell you but you
Deserve for me to tell you like a man why this marriage won’t do
It all started when we first met at my darkest hour
My life was hell and it had frozen over so I knew I wouldn’t grow like a flower
This ice age stage of my life and you got me through it
Had you on my mind and when we connected skin to skin
It was magic so we won’t let this flu in, so you helped me put my heart at bay
But I ended up realising that you never took me out of it
You just made it more comfortable for me to stay
So I got use to these cold feet like reindeers in a snow storm
But even this weather we reproduced and ensured that our kids were warm
All 150 of them that were constructed with every letter that we ever combined together
It was all written in stone so these earthquakes will be imprinted in earth’s soil forever
But you kept me deep in depression so you would always have a hold of me
So when I met the light her pixels made everything so clear
Looking in her eyes the picture of her started to look like a selfie
And with every gaze that I took at her I saw our kids and they defined her
And I had to tell her parts of me in order to go past this one step
Kids were never the issue but the connection I have with you will cause a lot of tissues
To get wet like Niagara but my Emotions won’t fall anymore
So you will not see me walk down this isle, I can’t marry you poetry
In order for me to move onto happy places I needed to find myself
And Mylesa is the perfect remedy to this struggling health…

Dialogue with a ratchet

I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with us
We have this tendency of treating one another
As if we were born from feces so we are worth less than shit
I’ll give you an example I was sitting in town and
An argument broke out which just happened to be
In my radius so my eyes were tangent to this drama unfolding
And my line of vision got blocked off by my hand
Because he said “Look I’m not trying to waste time
I know a ratchet when I see one I just want to get drunk and fuck
And I’ve already got some from you so I’m on to the next one”
And she responded by displaying the tallest finger that she had
In his direction and told him ” At Least you aint gonna get this
A grade Ratchet ever again.” This left me in shock
And she decided to sit next to me,the first thing I thought
Was “Well this is an easy squeeze although I prefer the challenge”
But my thinking process was killed by her tears
So I needed to handle this brainstorm to try and comfort her
Before she gets hit by a tempest of emotions
And I didn’t want my tshirt to get wet so I told her
“Look I’m no expert but I think he’s an Ass with no
Disrespect to donkeys around the world.”
She giggled while whipping the tears off her face
And gave me a glimpse of her beautiful smile
I continued by saying”My gender usually judges a book by their cover
And yours is just a little under dressed so they don’t
Think its worth the read in their minds you are the type
Of girl that says “Chomi I-ran to the middle east of the stadium
And made out with six guys who Iraq-on had a few inches
They probably were Venda, Nda” and your actions created
An atom bomb which killed his ability to care
So you destroyed his Gaza and left them in a heart broken state
When they had just finished rebuilding it
Because you see no one wants to have a second/third maybe fourth hand
Item but they still believe that practice makes perfect
So while you have your age you should experiment because its worth it so they say
But its not all your fault I mean what else were you suppose to do
When all these so called men started playing hit and run
As if it was burnout, as they try to get. their tallies up
While recklessly playing with your feelings as they overtake
Each other knowing that they aren’t trying to win the race
You see there’s not a big difference between you and I
I’m a poet, I know this doesn’t make sense but let me explain
I stand up in front of an audience and strip myself naked
With these words that I utter in hopes that all of these people
Will fall for me, yes I gaze into all their eyes seducing them
With every pun to ensure that they won’t be able to read between the lines
Or how I try to convince them how deep this piece may be
But its a few inches short to please you
Maybe I’m compensating for something I lack
You see the biggest difference between you and I is that
Your feet are closer to the sky than my dreams are
And your legs are more open minded than my thoughts are
As well as easier to access so all in all what I’m trying to say
Is that everyone is ratchet in their own way but we need to be selective
About who we show that side to and it should be limited edition.”
Straight after that her Jaw dropped onto the floor
And not knowing if she wanted me to insert something I decided
To take my credit and leave… In hopes that my words
Will be able to help her change her actions because
Words are the planning phase to a persons reaction to life
So plan for the future so you may let life implement
Its blessing open your life and don’t leave up to chance
Because that person you called ratchet could be your soul mate
If you could just ment the cuts and seal the scars you may just see what
You have been missing your whole life… Love


Its about a woman

To all men out there this is a very special month and we need to approach it in the proper manner with respect and love because its the month when the Barclays Premier League RETURNS!!!!!!
And it also happens to be the month that we celebrate women
Ladies,I sometimes wonder if you know how powerful you are
Because it seems like you use make up to cover your true essence, your true beauty
And not fully understanding that men sometimes envy the pimples
That rest on your face because they lay on your skin
And grab your attention on a daily bases as you try to pop
Its bubble or cover it with layers not knowing that your base
Is ruining the foundation that we hold dear to us
Or how the blushes that you apply is similar to a fake orgasm
In the sense that sometimes we assume that its real
But your whole look seems to be a fairytale
Where you’ve been deceived by society into thinking that you’re an ugly duckling
Whose natural beauty can not be possible with out any add ons
But in actual fact you are Swan see the image in this crystal palace has been pixelated
Because you are too scared too acknowledge how beautiful
You are, your beauty doesn’t shine it reflects like a diamond
And I know that treasure is covered up by so many layers
This might be done to ensure that the person who is willing to dig
Through all of these layers will cherish it more
So you dress up all the scars that your exs left on you
So you try to look like these cover girls searching for True Love
Nationwide while your eye browse watches your
Eyes lashes drum to the number of times that you had misplaced your heart
With a guy that only stayed for A minor second
And decided to never watch the sunrise next to you
Because he was told to B Sharp when you can’t see what’s under the cover
Especially when he is just looking for his FHM
For His Mate but its hard to see that when you can’t find the purity
And no not the baby food but the natural essence that defines
That allows us to be ourselves with no hidden floor
So we may determine the level that we fell in love with you
Look I have nothing against make up its
Just that one person had told me “that its not the make up that
Counts its the make up of mind that matters”
Because our looks will fade but the way we make people feel
Will live for ever in our hearts and our minds
And that is why they say beauty is more than skin deep
Because we are all lost souls renting bodies that we shall never keep…



My mind use to run away to you
But you started drifting and I didn’t have the stamina to keep
Chasing a lost cause because I’ve been told
That as a man you need to pick your battles wisely
And even though losing this one hurt me more than you’ll ever know
It wasn’t the result that hurt but the way in which it was obtained
You see we were all fine and dandy before I went on my trip
3 weeks apart I guess a few things would slip
And when I came back its like you closed yourself off
Well at least from me, was it really the distance
Or was it your way of saying that you moved on?
But like a dog chasing his tail I kept pursuing with no success
And like white people in horror I could see where this
Was going but I still headed through the door
Thinking that you had my back not knowing
You were getting ready to stick a knife through my heart
I just want to make it clear that its not what you did
But how you did it, because for the past four years I’ve
Never felt my heart beat the way it has when I see you
So yes as a gift a bought you a diamond necklace
In hopes that the reflection would be able to mirror my emotions
Or even my thoughts because I was trying to say thank you
For reminding me that I have the ability to care again
As well as always being near me when times were tough
And these 8 carrots could never express that
But I hope that it puts a smile on this bunny rabbit
Because like I said before no matter what happens I don’t wanna lose you



So I’ve just recently come back from the wilderness
Where boys go to become men
And stop writing their life story in pencil but in pen
This forces them to think before they speak
As there is no erasers allowed in this life story
As we all wait to find our purpose or our testimony
You see I’ve done things that young poets around me dreamt about
I’ve been on TV and been published abroad
I should be happy but you see these weren’t my dreams
I’m still waiting for my testimony
And “I will wait for you” as if the words of the poem
Were written in my genetics
And give these spineless people bones that turned into flesh
So their emotions can stand up straight
Because I’m looking for that crucifixion type love
A love that is so strong that whenever we are apart
It feels like my heart is being nailed to a cross waiting for her touch
Because without out it I fall astray
And I thought I finally saw the steps to hells gate
And as I approached them another pathway appeared
Which made me change my direction because I wanted to get a better view
Of her and I must admit I fell for her…
And at first I thought that I fell in love with the wrong person,
The reason I say this is because I’m a starving artist
Who imagined that the girl of my dreams would be thick, juicy and tender
But instead I fell for a girl who was slender
Although her heart was thick
And her arms gave me insurance that I wouldn’t feel down
While looking up at the sky, I realized that she was my orions belt
So I told her that if I was the black sky
Then she must be the glimpse of hope that brightens up my mood
A shooting star-let that wonders around my mind
And calls me via my brain cells with unlimited talk time
So the thought of her skyped with my creativity
Whilst challenging my intellectual views on whether angels exist
Because you see my heart went through some low shedding
So God decided to generate her
So I may use her as a power station
Because I lacked the energy to care about other people
Who create a radio active reaction that killed the oxygen
Circulation to my heart, creating a signal failure
Caused by the explosion of their reactions
So I had shattered glass of past experiences
Which she took out piece by piece
Recycling the negative into positives
While patching up my wounds
And completing this puzzle that we call love
So she was my Da Vinci,my Picasso
and I seem to be her Mona Lisa but I’m barely smiling
But the view she had pictured of me never pixelated
So I focused my goals and zoomed in so that
My hand will never wave goodbye to her because
You sea she sprinkles gold on the reef of my pupils
Changing the colour of my iris as if the sun has set
And I still have in my field of vision before our sun rises
So she won’t be a one night stand or lost in the distance
Nor will these sun rays be eclipsed by verbal pollution
Because minding our own business is the only solution
And even though I haven’t found my testimony as yet
I don’t mind spending time with a person that makes me feel
Like happiness is a phone call away
And realising that relationship should have a longer life span
Than any blackberry battery because love was built in a factory
It comes from the bottom of your soul and works its way up
Going through ur different arteries causing a chain reaction
And this feeling is more powerful when there’s 2 chainz
That connect to make one…
I have not discovered what my testimony is…
But she comes pretty close and I found christ in her
So I may not have discovered my testimony
But I shall wait for it…


Game Station

I remember a time where we had to work for things
A time when we weren’t afraid to touch the sky because red bull gives you wings
So there was a time we believed we could fly
But we sold our dreams and never asked for change
Till this day so we made a loss and somehow ended up in a mental cage
Where our creativity is audited to ensure everything is a replica but on a different page
So what I’m about to tell you is the only way I know how to explain
The fact that we have bleached our minds so our ‘swag’ is plain
You see there was a thing called chivalry which recently had a heart attack
And we are about to pull the plug because love is starting to be black
Well not the race the colour, so its losing its light
Because there was a time where looks didn’t matter
Even if you had green eyes if you wanted her name you would have to fight
The 4-5-1 formation that she had put in place to test you
You would first have to get past her offensive attitude
And strategically pass her five midfield creative players
So you can penetrate her defense the one that protects her heart
And then aim, position yourself so you may shot and reach your goal
You only need to be 1-0 up to win this match
Because you still have a battle to prepare for
Where you have to pass the border line and kill the lieutenant with a smile
But bomb the commander by showing him you have the ability to be a man
So you may declare the house as your own
And protect it from the big bad wolf with cannons of stone
Because bricks/stennas aren’t allowed on this premises
As we have already built our newcastle
That is surrounded by our liverpool
And protected by a huge Arsenal
That ended up being the 4th biggest in our land
So if these pirates come through during sundown
We will have to employ our chiefs
And we all know these pirates can’t win a final
So Ladies I need to know don’t you want this type of man?
A man that is able to protect you from harms way
And not just financial needs, aren’t you tired?
Of guys coming to you and saying “hey you look like a tswape
Can I take you out?” Or guys that scream “Ma babeza”
Because You guys set the standards but if you lower the bar
Then bafana bafana will be able to take a shot and succeed
And they don’t plan to win your heart
They would rather draw you into their arms
Because they have extra time and will leave after they hit the spot
So your virginity received the death penalty
As these white sheets turn into a red card
So to control this you substitute your partner
In hopes that they will change the game
But let’s be honest, you can’t hate the player hate the game
Because no matter what you do nothing will be the same
And Guys aren’t you tired?
We’ve officially turned most of the good girls into ratchets
And your front side decides to play baseball so you might catch it
But you use a glove for security because you are insecure
To the fact that you aren’t able to give up your heart
Because you don’t want to get hurt
And the reason you have so many girlfriends
Is to fight the fact that your parents had no time for you
So you compensate with multiple decimals to create that one
Person that is able to complete you
Aren’t you tired of deleting texts
Or meeting girls in dodgy corners?
Don’t you want a girl that turns your chest into her home
Because when she lays her head on your chest
Your heart beat speaks with drums because it has
Found its drummer and you create a band
That creates a perfect symphony that is played when we hold hands
What I’m trying to say is that as a Species we have lost Our patience
So we wake up in the morning fast and furious
Because We have a need 4 speed
We aren’t Japanese but We act like its Tokyo drift
whilst driving a Honda jazz
So we improvise every move like jazz men
Dodging these curves and allowing big sean to say swerve every 5 seconds
So we keep changing our directions
Trying to keep the communication so we say eita but can’t find a connection
And we support people on social medias
That don’t think before they speak
I understand why its called twitter
Because some people twits
And they encourage stalker tendencies by following you
So get off your phone because while you on facebook
Poking people you don’t know and will probably never
You can’t see what’s happening to humanity…
Its dying because we forget the meaning
So say hi to the person next to you meet someone new
Let’s bring humanity back create some love in this crew…



Left stranded on a crossroad, lost with no direction
Just another lonely boy that wasn’t given any attention…
Physically damaged, mentally scarred and emotionally unstable…
He still wonders what lies for him in the future
As he lays his thoughts on a constructed table
There’s no hope left as he faces a struggle every waking day
He is tormented by the world and its sick ways
He is forced to fight all these battles alone
Because he has no place that he can really call home
But he has a family that claims to care
And yet the emotions they have they do not share…
This is a tale of a confused young boy that has never experienced love before
A truly lost soul but his heart is pure…