Excuse me madam

Excuse me madam u stole my heart
You took those words and expressed a type of love
That makes me feel some type of way, and makes me wanna move
To the beat that is created everytime your eyes blink

Excuse me madam you stole my breath
I don’t know what broom you used but you have swept me off my feet
And I’m levitating to the sound of your love
Because no gravity can bring me down

Excuse me madam you have stolen my hormones
Because my mini me only salutes to your temple
And its true to its religion, so I’ll stick to your words
While God guides us to the promise land
You will be my eve and play adam
I’ll remove all my spare ribs so that you can be the only one who stays with me

Excuse me madam you have stolen my soul
And dressed it up with the Gospel so genesis can be the bases of our story
And I’ll always read a verse so I can remember the scriptures that I see in your eyes