Dialogue with a ratchet

I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with us
We have this tendency of treating one another
As if we were born from feces so we are worth less than shit
I’ll give you an example I was sitting in town and
An argument broke out which just happened to be
In my radius so my eyes were tangent to this drama unfolding
And my line of vision got blocked off by my hand
Because he said “Look I’m not trying to waste time
I know a ratchet when I see one I just want to get drunk and fuck
And I’ve already got some from you so I’m on to the next one”
And she responded by displaying the tallest finger that she had
In his direction and told him ” At Least you aint gonna get this
A grade Ratchet ever again.” This left me in shock
And she decided to sit next to me,the first thing I thought
Was “Well this is an easy squeeze although I prefer the challenge”
But my thinking process was killed by her tears
So I needed to handle this brainstorm to try and comfort her
Before she gets hit by a tempest of emotions
And I didn’t want my tshirt to get wet so I told her
“Look I’m no expert but I think he’s an Ass with no
Disrespect to donkeys around the world.”
She giggled while whipping the tears off her face
And gave me a glimpse of her beautiful smile
I continued by saying”My gender usually judges a book by their cover
And yours is just a little under dressed so they don’t
Think its worth the read in their minds you are the type
Of girl that says “Chomi I-ran to the middle east of the stadium
And made out with six guys who Iraq-on had a few inches
They probably were Venda, Nda” and your actions created
An atom bomb which killed his ability to care
So you destroyed his Gaza and left them in a heart broken state
When they had just finished rebuilding it
Because you see no one wants to have a second/third maybe fourth hand
Item but they still believe that practice makes perfect
So while you have your age you should experiment because its worth it so they say
But its not all your fault I mean what else were you suppose to do
When all these so called men started playing hit and run
As if it was burnout, as they try to get. their tallies up
While recklessly playing with your feelings as they overtake
Each other knowing that they aren’t trying to win the race
You see there’s not a big difference between you and I
I’m a poet, I know this doesn’t make sense but let me explain
I stand up in front of an audience and strip myself naked
With these words that I utter in hopes that all of these people
Will fall for me, yes I gaze into all their eyes seducing them
With every pun to ensure that they won’t be able to read between the lines
Or how I try to convince them how deep this piece may be
But its a few inches short to please you
Maybe I’m compensating for something I lack
You see the biggest difference between you and I is that
Your feet are closer to the sky than my dreams are
And your legs are more open minded than my thoughts are
As well as easier to access so all in all what I’m trying to say
Is that everyone is ratchet in their own way but we need to be selective
About who we show that side to and it should be limited edition.”
Straight after that her Jaw dropped onto the floor
And not knowing if she wanted me to insert something I decided
To take my credit and leave… In hopes that my words
Will be able to help her change her actions because
Words are the planning phase to a persons reaction to life
So plan for the future so you may let life implement
Its blessing open your life and don’t leave up to chance
Because that person you called ratchet could be your soul mate
If you could just ment the cuts and seal the scars you may just see what
You have been missing your whole life… Love


Its about a woman

To all men out there this is a very special month and we need to approach it in the proper manner with respect and love because its the month when the Barclays Premier League RETURNS!!!!!!
And it also happens to be the month that we celebrate women
Ladies,I sometimes wonder if you know how powerful you are
Because it seems like you use make up to cover your true essence, your true beauty
And not fully understanding that men sometimes envy the pimples
That rest on your face because they lay on your skin
And grab your attention on a daily bases as you try to pop
Its bubble or cover it with layers not knowing that your base
Is ruining the foundation that we hold dear to us
Or how the blushes that you apply is similar to a fake orgasm
In the sense that sometimes we assume that its real
But your whole look seems to be a fairytale
Where you’ve been deceived by society into thinking that you’re an ugly duckling
Whose natural beauty can not be possible with out any add ons
But in actual fact you are Swan see the image in this crystal palace has been pixelated
Because you are too scared too acknowledge how beautiful
You are, your beauty doesn’t shine it reflects like a diamond
And I know that treasure is covered up by so many layers
This might be done to ensure that the person who is willing to dig
Through all of these layers will cherish it more
So you dress up all the scars that your exs left on you
So you try to look like these cover girls searching for True Love
Nationwide while your eye browse watches your
Eyes lashes drum to the number of times that you had misplaced your heart
With a guy that only stayed for A minor second
And decided to never watch the sunrise next to you
Because he was told to B Sharp when you can’t see what’s under the cover
Especially when he is just looking for his FHM
For His Mate but its hard to see that when you can’t find the purity
And no not the baby food but the natural essence that defines
That allows us to be ourselves with no hidden floor
So we may determine the level that we fell in love with you
Look I have nothing against make up its
Just that one person had told me “that its not the make up that
Counts its the make up of mind that matters”
Because our looks will fade but the way we make people feel
Will live for ever in our hearts and our minds
And that is why they say beauty is more than skin deep
Because we are all lost souls renting bodies that we shall never keep…



My mind use to run away to you
But you started drifting and I didn’t have the stamina to keep
Chasing a lost cause because I’ve been told
That as a man you need to pick your battles wisely
And even though losing this one hurt me more than you’ll ever know
It wasn’t the result that hurt but the way in which it was obtained
You see we were all fine and dandy before I went on my trip
3 weeks apart I guess a few things would slip
And when I came back its like you closed yourself off
Well at least from me, was it really the distance
Or was it your way of saying that you moved on?
But like a dog chasing his tail I kept pursuing with no success
And like white people in horror I could see where this
Was going but I still headed through the door
Thinking that you had my back not knowing
You were getting ready to stick a knife through my heart
I just want to make it clear that its not what you did
But how you did it, because for the past four years I’ve
Never felt my heart beat the way it has when I see you
So yes as a gift a bought you a diamond necklace
In hopes that the reflection would be able to mirror my emotions
Or even my thoughts because I was trying to say thank you
For reminding me that I have the ability to care again
As well as always being near me when times were tough
And these 8 carrots could never express that
But I hope that it puts a smile on this bunny rabbit
Because like I said before no matter what happens I don’t wanna lose you



So I’ve just recently come back from the wilderness
Where boys go to become men
And stop writing their life story in pencil but in pen
This forces them to think before they speak
As there is no erasers allowed in this life story
As we all wait to find our purpose or our testimony
You see I’ve done things that young poets around me dreamt about
I’ve been on TV and been published abroad
I should be happy but you see these weren’t my dreams
I’m still waiting for my testimony
And “I will wait for you” as if the words of the poem
Were written in my genetics
And give these spineless people bones that turned into flesh
So their emotions can stand up straight
Because I’m looking for that crucifixion type love
A love that is so strong that whenever we are apart
It feels like my heart is being nailed to a cross waiting for her touch
Because without out it I fall astray
And I thought I finally saw the steps to hells gate
And as I approached them another pathway appeared
Which made me change my direction because I wanted to get a better view
Of her and I must admit I fell for her…
And at first I thought that I fell in love with the wrong person,
The reason I say this is because I’m a starving artist
Who imagined that the girl of my dreams would be thick, juicy and tender
But instead I fell for a girl who was slender
Although her heart was thick
And her arms gave me insurance that I wouldn’t feel down
While looking up at the sky, I realized that she was my orions belt
So I told her that if I was the black sky
Then she must be the glimpse of hope that brightens up my mood
A shooting star-let that wonders around my mind
And calls me via my brain cells with unlimited talk time
So the thought of her skyped with my creativity
Whilst challenging my intellectual views on whether angels exist
Because you see my heart went through some low shedding
So God decided to generate her
So I may use her as a power station
Because I lacked the energy to care about other people
Who create a radio active reaction that killed the oxygen
Circulation to my heart, creating a signal failure
Caused by the explosion of their reactions
So I had shattered glass of past experiences
Which she took out piece by piece
Recycling the negative into positives
While patching up my wounds
And completing this puzzle that we call love
So she was my Da Vinci,my Picasso
and I seem to be her Mona Lisa but I’m barely smiling
But the view she had pictured of me never pixelated
So I focused my goals and zoomed in so that
My hand will never wave goodbye to her because
You sea she sprinkles gold on the reef of my pupils
Changing the colour of my iris as if the sun has set
And I still have in my field of vision before our sun rises
So she won’t be a one night stand or lost in the distance
Nor will these sun rays be eclipsed by verbal pollution
Because minding our own business is the only solution
And even though I haven’t found my testimony as yet
I don’t mind spending time with a person that makes me feel
Like happiness is a phone call away
And realising that relationship should have a longer life span
Than any blackberry battery because love was built in a factory
It comes from the bottom of your soul and works its way up
Going through ur different arteries causing a chain reaction
And this feeling is more powerful when there’s 2 chainz
That connect to make one…
I have not discovered what my testimony is…
But she comes pretty close and I found christ in her
So I may not have discovered my testimony
But I shall wait for it…


Game Station

I remember a time where we had to work for things
A time when we weren’t afraid to touch the sky because red bull gives you wings
So there was a time we believed we could fly
But we sold our dreams and never asked for change
Till this day so we made a loss and somehow ended up in a mental cage
Where our creativity is audited to ensure everything is a replica but on a different page
So what I’m about to tell you is the only way I know how to explain
The fact that we have bleached our minds so our ‘swag’ is plain
You see there was a thing called chivalry which recently had a heart attack
And we are about to pull the plug because love is starting to be black
Well not the race the colour, so its losing its light
Because there was a time where looks didn’t matter
Even if you had green eyes if you wanted her name you would have to fight
The 4-5-1 formation that she had put in place to test you
You would first have to get past her offensive attitude
And strategically pass her five midfield creative players
So you can penetrate her defense the one that protects her heart
And then aim, position yourself so you may shot and reach your goal
You only need to be 1-0 up to win this match
Because you still have a battle to prepare for
Where you have to pass the border line and kill the lieutenant with a smile
But bomb the commander by showing him you have the ability to be a man
So you may declare the house as your own
And protect it from the big bad wolf with cannons of stone
Because bricks/stennas aren’t allowed on this premises
As we have already built our newcastle
That is surrounded by our liverpool
And protected by a huge Arsenal
That ended up being the 4th biggest in our land
So if these pirates come through during sundown
We will have to employ our chiefs
And we all know these pirates can’t win a final
So Ladies I need to know don’t you want this type of man?
A man that is able to protect you from harms way
And not just financial needs, aren’t you tired?
Of guys coming to you and saying “hey you look like a tswape
Can I take you out?” Or guys that scream “Ma babeza”
Because You guys set the standards but if you lower the bar
Then bafana bafana will be able to take a shot and succeed
And they don’t plan to win your heart
They would rather draw you into their arms
Because they have extra time and will leave after they hit the spot
So your virginity received the death penalty
As these white sheets turn into a red card
So to control this you substitute your partner
In hopes that they will change the game
But let’s be honest, you can’t hate the player hate the game
Because no matter what you do nothing will be the same
And Guys aren’t you tired?
We’ve officially turned most of the good girls into ratchets
And your front side decides to play baseball so you might catch it
But you use a glove for security because you are insecure
To the fact that you aren’t able to give up your heart
Because you don’t want to get hurt
And the reason you have so many girlfriends
Is to fight the fact that your parents had no time for you
So you compensate with multiple decimals to create that one
Person that is able to complete you
Aren’t you tired of deleting texts
Or meeting girls in dodgy corners?
Don’t you want a girl that turns your chest into her home
Because when she lays her head on your chest
Your heart beat speaks with drums because it has
Found its drummer and you create a band
That creates a perfect symphony that is played when we hold hands
What I’m trying to say is that as a Species we have lost Our patience
So we wake up in the morning fast and furious
Because We have a need 4 speed
We aren’t Japanese but We act like its Tokyo drift
whilst driving a Honda jazz
So we improvise every move like jazz men
Dodging these curves and allowing big sean to say swerve every 5 seconds
So we keep changing our directions
Trying to keep the communication so we say eita but can’t find a connection
And we support people on social medias
That don’t think before they speak
I understand why its called twitter
Because some people twits
And they encourage stalker tendencies by following you
So get off your phone because while you on facebook
Poking people you don’t know and will probably never
You can’t see what’s happening to humanity…
Its dying because we forget the meaning
So say hi to the person next to you meet someone new
Let’s bring humanity back create some love in this crew…



Left stranded on a crossroad, lost with no direction
Just another lonely boy that wasn’t given any attention…
Physically damaged, mentally scarred and emotionally unstable…
He still wonders what lies for him in the future
As he lays his thoughts on a constructed table
There’s no hope left as he faces a struggle every waking day
He is tormented by the world and its sick ways
He is forced to fight all these battles alone
Because he has no place that he can really call home
But he has a family that claims to care
And yet the emotions they have they do not share…
This is a tale of a confused young boy that has never experienced love before
A truly lost soul but his heart is pure…


Game Station

I remember a time where we had to work for things
A time when we weren’t afraid to touch the sky because red bull gives you wings
So there was a time we believed we could fly
But we sold our dreams and never asked for change
Till this day so we made a loss and somehow ended up in a mental cage
Where our creativity is audited to ensure everything is a replica but on a different page
So what I’m about to tell you is the only way I know how to explain
The fact that we have bleached our minds so our ‘swag’ is plain
You see there was a thing called chivalry which recently had a heart attack
And we are about to pull the plug because love is starting to be black
Well not the race the colour, so its losing its light
Because there was a time where looks didn’t matter
Even if you had green eyes if you wanted her name you would have to fight
The 4-5-1 formation that she had put in place to test you
You would first have to get past her offensive attitude
And strategically pass her five midfield creative players
So you can penetrate her defense the one that protects her heart
And then aim, position yourself so you may shot and reach your goal
You only need to be 1-0 up to win this match
Because you still have a battle to prepare for
Where you have to pass the border line and kill the lieutenant with a smile
But bomb the commander by showing him you have the ability to be a man
So you may declare the house as your own
And protect it from the big bad wolf with cannons of stone
Because bricks/stennas aren’t allowed on this premises
As we have already built our newcastle
That is surrounded by our liverpool
And protected by a huge Arsenal
That ended up being the 4th biggest in our land
So if these pirates come through during sundown
We will have to employ our chiefs
And we all know these pirates can’t win a final
So Ladies I need to know don’t you want this type of man?
A man that is able to protect you from harms way
And not just financial needs, aren’t you tired?
Of guys coming to you and saying “hey you look like a tswape
Can I take you out?” Or guys that scream “Ma babeza”
You guys set the standards but if you lower the bar
Then bafana bafana will be able to take a shot and succeed


Push Her Love

I have been broken by the pain & the
Sorrow of the world
The heart that was once beautiful turned into a black hole
The slightest words you spoke
Pierced through my veins and never regained the love again
I tried to reach for your love but your heart was taken by drunken words of your beau
The first time he touched me
I was timed & I wanted to run to my mother
But he whispered into my ear and told me this was normal
There was no use in being afraid because my life was already filled with pain so who was I to object when I already don’t know what love is

Love… He put his hands in between my knees
And I pushed it away because it wasn’t meant to be free
The man who unlocks iÞ will have to put a ring on me
But he was drunk but not in love so he coloured me
He turned my hazel eyes into black eyes
He decided to create a connect the dots game
With all the bruises that he left on me last night
And scrambled my teeth to create empty voids
So my thoughts can be echoed because I’m tired of screaming

The words that I wanted to shout
Were so loud in my head
I feel like my mouth has a censored cross
That I couldn’t release the pain that was sewed on my heart
Your sickening breath brushed over my skin and turned my blood toxic
I took you in and thought you were my father but you took the bottle and made it your daughter
The mother I have took my love and threw it away and replaced it with the devious pain
I was manipulated so many times
And even the I love you she spoke started to sound like a lie

A lie that she couldn’t hide because the man
That she married got tired of the fact that she couldn’t give birth
So he planted his seed into me
I guess that’s his version of BEE
Because he destroyed my tender
And my soul when he penetrated everything he had into me
While leaving me shaken as if my nerves had experienced an earthquake
Because he left permanent cracks on me
So the image I have for my future is a calarge
Without the glue so we do not know how many moments I have left

Shokey & DL



I’m trying to be the same person but this is a task I can’t bare
To see this type of darkness in the light is a sight that is so rare
Now this is how I feel when I have to go back to my old ways
Collecting girls like trophies so I have enough to fill up my display
That’s the type of man you like, right?the one that always cheats
“Violence is not the way, a woman I shall never beat”
A slogan that they he doesn’t really understand but its something he repeats
Because you we’re his queen the only one that held me down
But when he turned his back he assumed that you were with
Another male in another town
And yet he made a promise against non violence which he couldn’t keep
So he ruined ur beauty to prove that love is more than skin deep
He tells you that pain is a feeling that we all go through
And he tells you he cares but you don’t know if that’s true
He has your heart and it seems like he has you under his control
But let me just say that you can live without a heart as long as you have a soul


Putting The Pen Down 2.0

The full version of the poem enjoy…

Where to start, where to start?
Well in primary I thought girls had cuddies
And all of them looked the same to me from a dineo to a ruby
They we’re all ironing boards but a few of them had humps
And as we got older all these ironing boards started to develop a bumps
I was developing a plank that never wanted to stand down
Let’s just say when I woke up I was too scared to look down town
Because I wasn’t the only one who woke up with a smile
If you know what I mean…
And this is when I gave birth to my love life
Or in other words I allowed girls to start stabbing me with a knife
It all started in 2004, her name was Kirsty-Lee
And my presence was something she could never see
That year was the last time I saw her, she just got up and left
I was saddened because she had committed theft by stealing my breath
After all that drama 2005 came around and I saw miracles
She was perfect you could call her lyrical
Her name was Micheala and hi seemed to be my favourite line
I tried to make a move but she was leaving
And my efforts were done too late
In 2006 I could have sworn I met the nicest looking girl ever
She had curves that even Vettel couldn’t manage
Her name was Kirsten and after you looked at her your eyes would need a bandage
In 2007 I met Saishalia I called her my Cinderella
Once again I never had the guts to tell her
I still liked her but at the end of the way
We departed our separate ways and I hated it
I wanted to keep the communication alive, well I guess I tried
But called to late and all I got was ” the number have dialled doesn’t exist”
So there was no glass slipper to this fairy tale ut ended with a twist
And I’m reminded by this everytime I see her picture
But like everything else in life that year passed
Now this is embarrassing for me to say but I hadn’t given anyone a kiss
Well until 2008 that’s when I turned from Norbit to Blitz
Her name was Entle and she stole my virginity, ah my lip virginity
She had a smile that made me think “Why do people take life so seriously?”
I use to call her honey and I was her Winnie the Pooh
But she lived close to the sea and I was in the city of gold
So I decided not to take a gamble on our emotions and decided to fold
Because they say if you love something then you should let it go
So I dropped my phone, picked up the pen and let my hand flow
In hopes that one day my love will be visible and make her smile like a comedy show
Even though we weren’t together I may have cheated on her in 2009
When my heart started beating to a yellow bones smile
The first time I saw a thick girl in a while
She was bubbly like champagne and got me on some other high
Her name was Gali and mine was Dali so we would’ve been on some 4 letter each fly
But I made the biggest mistake that year because I wrote a poem for her
It was titled ” My First and Last” but Cupid had other plans, he had a AK47 filled with arrows
And one of my friends got shot so I decided to choose keeping a friend
Rather than trying to get the perfect girl so we could create a top deck blend
As my last act I decided to post the poem on my facebook under notes
And sent her a private message with the link just so she could know how I felt…
She played BINGO with my heart and there was no need to take her belt
But just like Kirsty-Lee she did a disappearing trick and moved to a different destination
So her smile turned from a reality into a figment of my imagination
Now that year my heart went through more spark moments than matches
When I saw a retard called Yara, a innocent soul around a few ratchets
She was misunderstood by others but I understood were she came from
She was out of my league but for once I wanted to be in the A-Team
Be the guy who swept her off her feet, I’m going to need a big broom
I kept making her smile smile ’cause she cuts her arm to get out of feeling gloom
She doesn’t know this but I would kill Chuck Norris if I had to keep you safe
Even my friends thought I was tripping well its hard to regain your balance
After you’ve fallen not once but twice with a Queen, now I know what Julio Cesar felt for Cleopatra
I suffocate when she’s not around, my parents though I had asthma
She never wore make-up because trends to her didn’t matter
And I told her if she hits 30 and she’s single then I’ll be the one she’ll marry
So she can forget about Tom,Dick and Haryy she’ll have something else to carry
And I’ll be her foundation even on her bad hair days and everytime she forgets to shave her legs, that ish could be scary
But this wasn’t going to work out because she couldn’t see clearly
Her vision was damaged by these pests that thought they were men, self proclaimed unfairly
I keep her in my heart because if I keep waiting physically my love will go weary
So I hope she remembers me like Zuma remembers to sharpen his spear
Because the only other female I’ll love more than her is our little girl which we’ll hold so dear
After I left your side it was the World cup fever
And a guy once told “Its better to have three than one because who enjoys eating KFC the whole week? When you can have MacDs”
I was lovin’ it until I got addicted to this happy meal her name was Yashika
Lips so soft that she made my taste buds Jika
That’s when Mi Casa became Su Casa
I burnt my black book because she was the answer
Or at least that’s what I had thought
But Karma has its ways and can not be bought
After dating her for six months she told that she cheated…
For Three months of the relationship…
15 july 2010 the day I turned 16…
Yes she told me on my birthday, a present I hadn’t foreseen
And it was with another girl, so should I have washed the slate clean?
I don’t think I could even if I wanted to I’m not into sharing
So now I had to rebuild these walls to stop me from caring
I started listening to J Cole so I could stop draking
Started a new dream without love but my eyes were faking
Visuals of the playboy mansion or better yet the bachelor
Flipping girls in the air one by one with a spachelor
But that wasn’t the type of man that my mother raised
Just found out she has Cancer… My mind got blazed
But you stood by my side even though I wanted to be alone
Her name was Nureyev if I could I would mould her name on a stone
And let it float in my galaxy while she remains a shooting star
So my 2013 had a shooting star and dampening news
Nureyev was that shining light in this little mews
That we call life but she was as visible as toughees in the dark
I told my friend ” Seeing her is like no litter in the park”
A very rare site so you could say I was dating my phone
We would be close for three months straight then she went on a silent tone
I think she fears commitment so I use to send her a poem to make her smile
But why am I the one putting 80% this love is in denial
So I deleted her of BBM but I still miss her weird giggle
But my hearts been broken too many times so I’m going to be single
For a while…



Last poem for the year maybe ever…


I thought our relationship was an hour glass figure
Where the grains of sand are longer than the scriptures
But I didn’t know that you got your sand next to the nile
You broke my heart so I could cry a river
Instead of telling me the truth you let another guy make me shiver
I got hit with a stinna that shattered our hour glass
So let’s forget the sand that symbolized our memories
The water that symbolized all the moments I had with you
And the cement I placed to ensure I would never cheat on me
Because the stairway was concrete to what I thought was heaven
And you were my pillar but you where in touch with seven
Different temporary solutions this must be sin
Cos90 percent of the time you were the one
And I thought that you were tangent to my heart
Which was a milky way so there was no need for alternative space
So being the good guy will never get you into first place
So I wish you the best I really hope u get an STD
Because I’ve given you a large part of my life
Which you got the master keys to so you had all of me
So when he cheats on you and trust me he will
Just know even if I didn’t say I love you everyday
Poetry was my art and it was you I was trying to portray


How I feel

Hard to see the one you love in other arms
As he plays her like folk music in his favorite barn
I tried to nurture what we had so it could grow in time
So I planted pennies around my heart so we could be a dime
Sparkle up my heart as you’re glitter
Sweeten up your life so you never have to be bitter
I assumed that I was your photosynthesis
As we grow beyond measures and we’re about to kiss
You pulled back and dived back into the ground
Your lost so I count to ten yet your still not found
So I engraved messages in the sky so you could see my text
And I never shuffle so your the perfect one there is no need to plant a new seed
Or try and any further plantation to the beauty of nurtured love



Hey you! Yes you, the one holding the candle
Yes yes we see you, what you didn’t get a new bbm handle?
And no rose or chocolate either yoh that’s deep
At least you’ll be single before and after you fell asleep
So today is side chick confirmation day
Hope your pass wasn’t verified by that guy
You know the guy who never calls but has you on stand by
I’m not saying you are a booty call… But
He only decided to fall
One day of the year so shout out to
All the single people on valentine days
We all know that love is priceless a gift never pays



So we got that Oreo type of love
No not because I’m dark and she is light
Its that type of love you need to split open
And lick the inside put us back together
And dunk it into milk
In short what I’m trying to say
Is that we got that dry type of love
This was all her fault by the way
She was very controlling and weird
To the point that she had a vase line
Like an actual line with just vases
That even had labels for everyday of the week
This made roses lose their colour and they became bleak
Because she made me over do it
So I was in the same position just shooting a different scene
And yesterday she came to me and said
” You use to console me but now you are more focused on your pen
And paper busy writing this poetry garbage!”
So I didn’t know how to react so I told her
” You know what I’m working every single day
And trust me its not for the love of the game
And the only console I need to be holding or trying
To be active with is the one I use to play Fifa
You see I remember a time where we had that top deck type of love
We use to have that top deck type of love
I was your king and you were the queen
And everyone thought our relationship was an Ace
Because we kept everything between the 2 of us
Well 3 because of the little one
Which means there will be no time for 4 play
So we give each other high 5s
And you use to be so corny when you use to tell me I’m 6cy
I hope you won’t have that sense of humour when you’re 7ty
And I hope our marriage is over or you jump off a bridge by the time I’m 8ty
And if somehow we make it to 9ty
I’ll still think that you look like a 10
Because I’ve loved you since I was 11
With 21 heart but we aren’t playing black jack
And I’m really getting tired of these Card Games
I don’t want that you thinking of me and me thinking
Of you type of love because I have better things to do
And I don’t want that crucifixion type love
Because I’m really scared of nails and your nails are quite long uhmm
So I’m cool, I’m chilled
I want that type of love even when I hate you I still love you somehow
And even when your friends look better than you I still think you’re beautiful
Even though that’s a lie, you can’t blame a guy I try
You see I want a type of love that not even God could break”
And I told her all of this and she responded with an “Ayt”
But obviously this didn’t go my way because I ended up sleeping on the couch



I can only feign acceptance
Of a heart that was shattered
All that is left is to walk out with a smile
And my head held high
Even though I am craving for the hearts of devious humans
Even though my heart is in deep seas I refuse to drink bitterness in hopes of people who did not accept me to perish

They say forgive and forget while I can only do half
my heart deletes all the things you have done
But my brain holds on to all the images
But this photo gallery has its own canvas
And it doesn’t want to burn so these picture remain classic
I’m just saying if you were on fire you better hope I know magic

I am burning with the passion to be accepted
But the people whom I want them to take me as I am
They don’t even accept themselves
I want to rise above the misconception of you being accepted
I know they will stare
Throwing judgment telepathically
But I refuse to be the definition of ordinary

Because I was molded to be a size bigger, extra ordinary
I was never meant to be normal couldn’t you see from my life story
With these words I utter I try to give people an idea of my glory
Whether or I not I forgive it may be a whole different story to forget
And you may be forgiven but that doesn’t mean I have to talk to you yet

They say forgiving is the first step to healing but I am having hard time dealing with this misery that is killing me
So I shall live my life and enjoy the fruits of my generation

Shokey and DL



The Cancer inside my system killed my dreams and resurrected my worst fears crucified the hope that I had left
It broke free all my inequities and insecurities
It left me with so much void that nothing can fill it up
Dreamed bout being Marilyn Monroe
But I watched my passion nailed on the scarecrow

Losing my fur coat and now I’m hairless
And the functions to my organs keep breaking up
As my blood vessels are distort it needs some make up
Because some how this hump made everything look like a mess
Unexpected blood spills destroying my image
I struggle to swallow food this is kinda pain that I’ve been given

I try to embrace it and continue my ending journey
I get few weird looks and gabs
It feels like I was cursed and not curved to perfection
I guess everyone has their imperfections
But mine were engraved with exaggerated pain
I quote verses in my sleep
Praying to God that it will ease the affliction
So that I can have a little life to keep
I won’t let this cancer to rain on my parade

Dali and Shokey


Card Games

We will have that top deck type of love I will be the king and you were the queen
And everyone will think our relationship is an Ace
Because we will keep everything between us 2
Well 3 because of the little one
Which means there will be no time for 4 play
So we will use to give each other high 5s
And you will be so corny when you tell me I’m 6cy
I hope you won’t have that sense of humour when you’re 7ty
Because we’ll be together until we are 8ty
And if somehow we make it to 9ty
I’ll still think you’re a 10
Because my heart has been beating for you since I was 11
So if love was a gamble then this must be black Jack
As I keep hitting 21 of hearts
Even though I’ve told you I love you in 52 ways
In 4 different types of way
Let me explain I’ll never buy you Diamonds because they can’t reflect your smile
Its priceless, and my Heart belongs to you
But men have joined the ‘I want you’ Club
So now I have competition and you are my only choice
Here’s my black book and a Spade so let’s bury it
Or we can stop playing these card games
And head to my place… And keep ourselves busy…


Perfect Lies

Tshenolo Lindsay Cohen and Dali ‘DL’ Luthuli

Have you ever heard her lies at the seams where her mother told her life and death are just the same,
that a person torn from limb to limb dead is just the same as a person born, alive, healthy and going
nothing different because we were all born to live, to die, we were all born to lie and cry about our lies because no one knows “perfect”,
perfect is just a lie,
a word used to create dreams that could never come alive

But we still believe we can fly
So when we jump off cliffs and we start to dive into hells gate where lucifer awaits with a napkin ready to serve you a plate called karma because while you were pretending to be perfect you damaged everyone around you

Broke your mother’s spine with the lies you told from the depth of you clavicles as they ignited in belief,
You damaged yourself without knowing
All the lies you told while growing
lucifer illuminating flames into your heart while blowing, blowing perfect into your weak and sunken heart, lies.
It’s all just lies.

Lies that you couldn’t see nor realize
Because you were living in a figment of your imagination
Grow up child we aren’t living in the matrix
You sold your soul that night you made that man smile
Screaming ‘ Oh My’ you couldn’t have came sooner
People keep saying that you are pregnant
I bet you wish it was a rumor
You named your child just to have a little humor

Named your child just to look a little cooler
Named your child to just get rid of the rumors because of course you want no one to know you lost your virginity to a man slightly deceitful
A man who never said he loved you too

A man who spent the night
And disappeared like the sunlight during an eclipse
But your son rays with Happiness
Even though he was a fatal mistake
So let’s dine in the pits of hell
Your child is pure but you are the one that fell

Fell at the seams where you told your mother lies
Broke her spine and you never cared any less, any more
Never cared because you thought you had it all
The man who lied to you,
the dirty face you saw scrawled on the moon

The face that burned by the sun
That promised to make you a star
But he forget to tell you that he was shooting at the galaxy
So your 15 minutes of fame ended in 5
Now you lost in thought you had enough space
And its sad that no one cares if they find you
No search parties they rather put their eyes on trace

Oh What a warm heart and a beautiful soul you had, but it all disintegrated from all the lies.
You fell from perfect and all that made you worth it.
It was all just lies, perfect lies.



So we got that Oreo type of love
No not because I’m dark and she is light
Its that type of love you need to split open
And lick the inside put us back together
And dunk it into milk
In short what I’m trying to say
Is that we got that dry type of love
This was all her fault by the way
She was very controlling and weird
To the point that she had a vase line
Like an actual line with just vases
That even had labels for everyday of the week
This made roses lose their colour and they became bleak
Because she made me over do it
So I was in the same position just shooting a different scene

*to be continued/still working on the rest*


Putting Down The Pen 2.0

Where to start, where to start?
Well in primary I thought girls had cuddies
And all of them looked the same to me from a dineo to a ruby
They we’re all ironing boards but a few of them had humps
And as we got older all these ironing boards started to develop a bumps
I was developing a plank that never wanted to stand down
Let’s just say when I woke up I was too scared to look down town
Because I wasn’t the only one who woke up with a smile
If you know what I mean…
And this is when I gave birth to my love life
Or in other words I allowed girls to start stabbing me with a knife

*To Be Continued*

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She Asked

She asked me “Why do I love her?”
In all honesty I don’t know why
And cupids arrows won’t work so he why should he even try?
But there’s one thing I do know
Is that even when I tried to I wasn’t about to delete you
And trust me I’ve tried but I’m not in control
There has never been an alternative
Because you’ve always been the key
To my heart and your breath is the beat
So breath slowly I’m not trying to get a heart attack
Even with the warnings my heart still has you on repeat
And I reserved the seats in the front row of this train tracks
In the tunnel of love, who knows what we can do in the dark
Hence the saying once you go black you never go back
So I hope this isn’t cheesy but I’m loving it
I mean you, this love is 21 so why would you wanna fold?
So I will end this year with the thought of you in my head
Its been a few years and you stick to me like a scar
Our minds are connected so you never stay that far
Because at this moment the memories I have is all I shall hold
So until I see you again remember this
Is that a new lip gloss or do you just want to kiss?

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How 2 Love

Sold my reality so I could fulfill our dreams but this was no fairytale. No glass heels so your feet might as well bleed before this chapter ends because we only on page 3 we haven’t got to the foreplay

When I said you were the one and those times you said you loved me I might not have loved you two so with these three elements we should’ve had a Ménage à trois but you didn’t keep the receipt so you can’t get your heart back and its sitting on bad credit

I’ve invested all my emotions into this thing so I still got a bit of debit, the only thing I would want to ask is if you could teach me how to love? Because breaking these walls around my heart isn’t as easy as getting a bull dozer its like trying to walk straight when you aren’t sober because I’ve always been drunk on your love

But jealousy took over and I fell into my rages hand, I’ve looked over all the things I’ve done this is something I could never stand, I’ve become less than a man… I hope these words paint a picture because all I want is to see you smile

All I want is to let you lay on my chest just so my heart can meet its soul mate

All I want is to fill the gaps in between my hands with your fingers and look at your ring finger as it screams “Please put a ring here”

All I want to do is keep writing these poems so one of them can be at the same level as you

If I ever hold your waist I will never waste lines because my actions will speak for itself

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How big are our dream?

Define the term ‘a figment of your imagination?’
Because our dreams are never to big
But the steps we take towards it may be too small
Too scared to go higher because of the chances we may fall
So instead of walking you decide to crawl
Taking no chances so you’ll rather damage your knees
Then try to toughen up your soul
So let’s break fast because this is no super bowl
They’ll be no ring on the finger
And no half times giving men bells
While listening to a want to be idols singer
Singing classical music on these wooden mics
Their melody was automatically synced with my ears
So my hearing frequency was on auto tune
Listening to everyone live on air to hear the 6 o’clock news
Because nowadays people don’t live their lives but they imitate the same views
So if we had to keep our noses in our own stuff how much could we accomplish?
Because we buff up our dreams up when all it needs is polish…
I just hope you don’t get addicted to the shine
Because you’ll lose concentration and be left with no protection
You don’t have a choice… But to stay focus
We all have dreams and I look to turn dreams to my reality
These vision will come true only writing should be fantasy
Gaze into my eyes and see a twilght ambition
To get my friends to start believing in themselves is my only mission
‘Be the change you want to see’ your mirror is a bit misty
So you let the public describe your exterior
Which damages your self esteem because they can’t see the interior
You forgetting that you’re like a lambogini so why do you want these suicide doors?


Love and Bluetooth

I use to be that bluetooth type of guy I would connect to anyone
Pair with them and then disconnect when I’m done
And it was on to the next one, someone with a different flavour
But you’re not that type of device that I would put as my screen saver
Or even put as my wallpaper but I would rub you off with sand paper
You see I’m looking for that infrared type of love
That monogamy love, us staying together for 50 years type of love
That I wake up drooling over you with no make up on type of love
Because that’s when you look like the angel I dreamt about in primary school
You gave me a smile when I walked in late with a Mcflurry
We sat at the bench watching kids play but you scared the boy off
I guess u were too much for him to handle
So I’m glad there was a waterfall around so when my skin overheats I can take a dip
I fear playing rough because you are a forbidden fruit but you allow me to take a sip
And I get drunk on your love and high on your smile
There’s blurred lines all over you because when people see you their words need to be censored
I want that crucifixion type of love nail me to her so I won’t let her go
But more importantly I want that infrared type of love
Because I’m not looking to share you…


Who am I?

I’ve written poems for the seasons
I’ve written poems for no reason
I’ve written poems to help people obtain victory
I’ve written poems that makes a man change his ways and begin a new story
I’ve written poems that have set people free
Yet I have not written a poem that defines me
Who am I to write on these walls if I do not know myself
Who am I to judge your riches if I do not know my own wealth
Who am I to through these words at the world and hope that they will be caught
Who am I to sell my ideas knowing that they will be bought
Who am I to craft a master piece with everyday words
As we think our minds are held by gravity
Not knowing that we can’t be held down our thoughts are infinity
Who am I, that’s the question most of us don’t have the answer to
So let’s build our character like story tellers do



She was like graffiti on my wall
She caught my eyes with her vibrant colour
So its fair to say that she is a rainbow
And I hope that I’m the pot of gold at the end
Because I’ll use all my strength to make this world bend
And with her smile we can create more gentlemen let’s start a new trend
Where we show people that anything broken can be fixed
Even if you have a crooked heart I’ll make sure your emotions don’t get mixed
Because I want to make sure that sweeping you off your feet becomes a deja vu
As long as there’s air in my lungs we will always fall in love again
Cause I put you on repeat on my tracks you’re my love train
You make my engine steam up with love songs my lips can’t utter
And every time I try to sing it to you I stutter
Like I… I… I… Hope we can go get something to eat
If you have time because I’ll understand if you are beat
I just think that you are a star and I would like to take a seat
So I’ll be able to watch you shine as you make my solar panels
Kick into overdrive I’m getting in touch with mother nature
But you are my cleopatra so can I be your Cesar?
I don’t know what it is but the thought of you gives me a fever


I think… Kinda… Like… Love you…

I think I… Kinda… Like… Love you…
In other words I like the idea of loving you
I like the way you smile even after I asked you if the baby is mine
And your not even pregnant you just carrying extra baggage
Or the way you drive me crazy is that why you got so many curves?
And I keep you on my mind so stop stepping on my nerves
Cupid can feel this lovey dovey breeze so do I need to wear a shirt?
Because I decided to wear my heart upon my sleeve
But these sleeves cover up the scars that I got from falling for you
Now you can see from the scars that I am in this so deep
You take my mind on a roller coaster ride
Everytime I see your electrifying sight
I want us to turn Romeo and Juliet from fiction into a reality
Even though we walk through tragedies
I’ll always walk right next to you
Because I don’t want to be left behind
Even though that’s the best view I can find
But when I’m next to you I want to satisfy you
I’ll seal you in my arms like an envelope
Pull you into me so I become the skeleton to your soul
So that together we give birth to a seventh sense that no man will ever discover
I want to see the glint of envy in the eyes of our neighbors
As if we encrusted our souls into one
I want to engrave your name across my heart
So that I can ignite your sweet aura
And possess the enchanting love of our forefathers
I say that with no homo as I still want to father our child
I want to make my thoughts heard and turn them into reality
And change the scrolls written by the Egyptians
So that I can replace them
With my fiery love for you
And sign our end chapter with an
Intoxicating Kiss
But after everything I’ve said there’s one thing I can’t miss
This love I have for you has been beating for years
While my heart thinks that losing you is my biggest fear
So if you ever ask yourself if I still love you
Then my answer is yes, my actions try to prove that these words are true…

Done By
Dali ‘DL’ Luthuli
Shokey ‘Reshoketswe’ Segwane
Resego ‘Ress’ Molele


Excuse me madam

Excuse me madam u stole my heart
You took those words and expressed a type of love
That makes me feel some type of way, and makes me wanna move
To the beat that is created everytime your eyes blink

Excuse me madam you stole my breath
I don’t know what broom you used but you have swept me off my feet
And I’m levitating to the sound of your love
Because no gravity can bring me down

Excuse me madam you have stolen my hormones
Because my mini me only salutes to your temple
And its true to its religion, so I’ll stick to your words
While God guides us to the promise land
You will be my eve and play adam
I’ll remove all my spare ribs so that you can be the only one who stays with me

Excuse me madam you have stolen my soul
And dressed it up with the Gospel so genesis can be the bases of our story
And I’ll always read a verse so I can remember the scriptures that I see in your eyes


Breaking the reapers throne

“You get on my nerves and make it pop
My brain cells turn into hulk all they do is “Smash”
I’m losing control like cops at a riot, I can’t make it stop
My head aches and it grows into a migrant
It feels like the world has constructed a terrorist attack against me
With all these situations and that time of the month fee”
That’s the last words that my mother said to me
She died peacefully in her bed now she is locked up in her dreams
But I’ve decided to let these blades stroke my wrists
I bleed so that you can see that I put all my emotions on this paper
These words may be sharp but these paragraphs weren’t a blunder
It makes my life span tend to wonder As the lighting may not be clear but my heart beat acts as the thunder
I had no love but this pain became my cupids funder
And it felt like pain killers with scotch on the rocks
But I wasn’t rock climbing and yet I was looking for mount ever rest
I surrendered to this altitude because I couldn’t handle the test
I only got a few minutes left my body is losing all its blood
So there will be a new grand canyon… My eyes will echo…
The pain I had to endure…
Its my curtains call no need for an applause,
At least in this darkness there will be a few star wars
Because even though she is gone she lives through my poetry
I have 10 seconds left then I can tell her she made me feel like a stream floetry in motion…


Downtown Kind of Love

I use to be the capital of this family as I was the first born
I was the one who changed our parents perspective on life and added heat so we could have some pop corn
You know that type of corn that pops your bones into shape
And gets your muscles flexing while you were drunk texting
Of how you got rejected by ur phone via a bbm text
Now ur ex is with your bff so what else could be next?
Poisoning the love out of you now can I be your antidote?
That person you run to when the world leaves you behind
A different type of male the first of his kind
The kind that holds you in his arms to make you feel safe
Because even when the world terrorizes you I still have your back
Downtown kind of love that means we will remain in a pack



Girl you got a perfect body I can not lie but you look ratchet
You’ve been spread like a disease and I don’t want to catch it
And by the time you find you mister right your worth will be smaller than an atoms
And when your children ask ”how did you meet daddy?” the memory will be like a phantom
A figment of the imagination because just like the others he was a one night stand
As you reveal every piece of your skin not for one man but a whole band
Cheap things attract a lot of attention because it has no worth
9 months of labour, 18 years of living and you were only a treasure at birth?
Even an oyster seals itself off after its found the one
A pearl that shines so bright that even the stars say well done
As it needs no false companionship because it knows its true worth
We’re all in the same school of life but in different classes because I’m not missing my periods
These words were a guideline that shouldn’t have mixed with numbers, four play
You kept your eyes glued on the plurals when you really needed a singular
Instead of looking at your eyes you let them all over your fibula
And after all that they shout out that chivalry is dead
Well class must have died to because it wouldn’t have been that easy to get into your bed
So both things are rare to find its almost like a myth
And love is that little thing that’s dangling on the cliff…



Our Corpse fell out of our skins
Then our passion becomes so thin
We claim to love each other but a structure doesn’t exist
Trying to keep it moving, I wonder why I still persist
To scared to say its over because you’re the perfect match
I keep my arms open because you’re the one I want to catch
Rome wasn’t built in a day and it looks beautiful now
Can we go back to our old ways, the question is do we know how?
So let’s start something new as I rest my head on top of you
Waiting for the final count as my eyes turn blue
You can be my motivation with your cute daring looks
This doesn’t have to be a tragedy we can separate our live into many books
All of them start with you and I, the storyline will be the same
In every third page you’ll see your name
Your everything to me my definition of fame
A perfect tragic love story, I guess we’ll take the blame


Bored Games

I speak outside this box so you won’t have 30 seconds to scramble my words
This mind of mine is a monopoly to poetry my thoughts are in a jail
And bail goes to the highest bidder so its sold to my imagination
My brain cells sketch art while my nerves are playing snake and ladders
So she said she was mind fucked but I didn’t try to twister
I lost her eyes so I tried to jump to a different topic, I was trying to check her
Because these words flow like ink and the pen just burst its bladder
Cuming on the paper so these words have been impregnated
By colour so this is my version of 50 shades of Grey
One two three pages through but there’s no type of four play
So let me divide these words hoping that some of you get a tan
In this chilli weather my eyes are your biggest fans



These are just simple words but the expression in your eyes turn them into art
Withdrew all my emotions and threw it into your cart
Filled with images of her and I together
Proof that angel and man lived in harmony
As your love goes straight into my heart through my artery
My mind can’t stop thinking of you so its clear to me
That Da Vinci artistry was an attempt to paint you perfectly
And Mona Lisa’s smile was a grin compared to yours
So when I’m with some one else it feels like a detour
As I try to make it to my paradise
I get held back by parasites
All locked up in a dream in which my dream girl envies you
As I run out of words just trying to describe you
You’re beautiful beyond measures as your reflection even smiles back…
So I keep making a new mixture
Trying to paint a new picture
Just to try to get you off my mind
So I look for perfection but I can’t find
Anything more exquisite than you…


A Letter to my mother

I was consumed in your womb                            forced to listen to the tunes of your breathtaking love
Hoping that there was no mute button to this audio that one should never remove
And for 9 months I was trapped in this fortress trying to get out
But then I was given a special kind of love,so what was I going on about
Tucked into this prism called a belly I had a mini soccer field
And with the touch of your voice,I was guaranteed a goal
The cheering I received when I came out as a living soul
Reminds me of the days when I was still in your womb
 Your heartbeat was the rhythm that kept my growing body alive
You gave me the warmth and unconditional love you hadn’t seen my face before
But our connection was more than looks the moment you found out
My gestation that was our bonding I was not a fetus but your little one
I was not an embryo but a sign of the completion of 2 lives brought to one
One heart two entities and three times the love
You were the water underneath me that allowed me to float like a dove
I was your creation so from the very begging you constructed my image
I was built by all the ink that was imprinted by your love on this empty page
I was Built by all that’s satisfying to accept and all that your love has made of me
 Overwhelmed by how you cut pieces of your soul with a knife and wove them into a blanket to protect me.
 How you turn your bones into a bunker, fill your own lungs
With sand and cradle me till your own clavicle is blown to powder
Fine as the dust on a butterfly’s wings
Your existence gave birth to a stain that permanently lives within my heart
Your heart sounds like jet planes heavy with the weight of sudden bliss, the joy of my arrival.
You touch me till my ribs become piano keys,
Till they recite music thats is scrolled across the inside of my lungs
Cause I’m breaking old patterns. You sing me lullabies.
You swore how you could feel me kicking weeks before my legs formed, that’s how my heart beats and it still does
Your womb is where I learned love is knowing the cord that feeds me could at any moment wrap around my neck.
Your ambiance scarlet of love hammered ink into my incomplete self of selfishness
Bringing an unconditional moonlight of acceptance while you paint joy in my lungs- laughter
The earth has exposed the concreted crust of your heart that makes music everytime there’s an earth quack
You destruct my inner dust and ground your shoes that forms my shape, my shell , my stilettos
My stilettos with the red bottoms to symbolize all your sacrifices
When you were unsure and placed your future in rolling dices
To ensure that I would live in a brighter place
And Today with your loving words and mother touch
You are what makes me who I am
Your love emerges every single beat of my heart.
You are the cover beneath my skin.
The reason I put myself together every time I give up.
Your love soothes me, softly.
The magic in your eyes calms me
Your smile brightens every single day I live
Your beauty is the reminder of how strong I am
You touch is a redefining phrase
I’d surrender who I’ve been for who you are.
Your love mother,
Your love is my turning page
The first word to every single chapter
The memo that I use to to draw up every character
Like the pages at the back of the book the key words are from your life
You are my never ending song.                        The words of your lullaby.                                    Helps me go by.                                                        To imprint love and joy.                                       Into my bones
You imprint love and joy
You are a heavenly prototype that rises in darkness
Your soul is the reflection to my angelic being
Supernatural mind that flies beyond the stars
That God fearfully crafted every time I think of you.
I’ve grown to be a guided child,
Who proudly stands here today to return the favour
And my ink I exhale was my personal breath to you
Happy Mothers Day


Flashy Words

My teeth act as the flash
So your eyes can capture my words
While I speak hoping that you’ll save
This moment where I try to make you my digital girl
So if you will allow me, can we mxit up Because I would rather be with you
Than win a million rands or a pimp cup
We all have glitches but you
Are the perfect operating system
We look at different trends so we can ignore them
And I caught you with my inter net because death
Will not break us apart, so we can finally see what’s underneath
The earth while we try figure out how this connection was so natural
I think we may have proved that monogamy is factual
So these flashy words should be known as a law of attraction
Because without these words I wouldn’t have got any action
With your smile you may caused a chain reaction
So skype with my heart and you will see my mansion
That I built for you hoping to fulfill your every need
In hopes that you will nurture our first seed
Hopefully it won’t be a blackberry because then it needs to be bold
Or he might get bullied and his heart might be sold
Just to gain his sanity
Because this world has lost its humanity
I apologize if I treat our love like a fantasy
I might be old school but you gave me a courtesy


Future Ex Wife

I told a girl once that she is my future ex wife
Well she didn’t take it to well because she imprinted her 5 fingers across my
I guess she wanted more but our love couldn’t handle the pace
So I told her ” I will never leave nor forsake like the bible scriptures
But if we want to create an art piece then we need to have a better picture
Or at least take it in HD
So that our child can see his family tree In hopes that one day he will be a poet
And stand up on stages just so other people can reach his level
So let’s not rush into it because I might commit adultery
And I don’t want u to see the worst of me”
And as I looked up into the sky trying to hold my tears up
She sighed and opened her mouth
“You say you don’t want me to see the worst of you
While our hearts collide in the things we do
I didn’t want you to tattoo my name across your heart
I just wanted those meaningless moments we had
Before this love got stuck in that rough net
I won’t lie when I say
That my five fingers are curved on your face
Didn’t take away the rage
I still get lost in my fantasies of you
Where we build something new
Where we raise our canvas piece
Into a masterpiece
Maybe I want us to explore our needs
And forget about the good deeds
We promised to keep”
Like fairytales I decided to let the story end on a happy not
This a PG poem so I can’t really tell you what happened next


A book already Read

Old rags on so I can tell you got very little left…
That’s when I put my phone away so I won’t tempt you to commit theft…
I block my nose when your not looking, your deodorant is too strong…
My nose fires up but your playing the flies favourite song…
You could be a nice guy but image counts a lot…
We all want that person that collects his gold in a pot…
Not the one who collects memories that made him smile…
Rather have what I need now then something that would be worthwhile…
That’s the world we live in no-one can disagree…
Judging a book by its cover and not looking at the fee….


Light Up My Path

In every step there is a foundation
In everything we do there is always a hidden temptation
Your right can be the only thing that turns me left
And when we give, why does everyone think that we have committed theft
So as I wonder on this earth alone
Something rings in my ear and I fall in love with the tone
And a path way lights up this gives me a better view
As I start to fall I want to know if this love is true
Because I have fallen into a thorn bush before
Getting back up was easy but I couldn’t find the cure
To heal the inner me, as I start
searching again
Finding peace of mind as my mind forgets the pain
So I let my heart think to enhance its capabilities
I let my mind love so they can have the same abilities
[G]rateful [O]verwhelmed and [D]etermine that’s GOD…
I’m imperfect yet u gave life to me…
[G]reed [H]urts [O]nly [S]inners [T]reasure so I carry the holy ghost…
Surrounded by darkness until that wall post
Lite up my path now I know were I’m going
So I give my faith to you and all you ask for is a showing
The amount of faith I have in you through my word
So I keep waiting for a partner even after the third
In christ we trust that is the motto
You don’t always need to lead sometimes you have to follow


19 years for what

I write in black because they say opposites attract
Both manufactured in different ways so how will they react?
We claim that we are rainbow nation yet our colours don’t match
And I’m not talking about race I’m talking about the patch
That history left behind yet we still hold onto it
When there was one alpha dog and the rest would just sit
We needed passports to move within our own country
If u went into the wrong place, your head would be the bounty
We all said that we would forgive and forget
But a lot of people were bluffing when they made that bet
We are a rainbow nation but if you had to read along the lines
We learn to hate even though we are in a different time
Many died for a dream they believed that would live
I didn’t get to know them but I wish they were alive
As there dream breaths life but is being killed by a virus
Hate is an emotion that lives in our mind our thoughts are timeless
But I still write in black so my page can be coloured
Because if it stays plain then then what were these 19 years for?


Take away or Stay

If you got invited into Gods Temple
Would you place your order as a take away
Or would you sit down and stay
Because having a take away is the same
As attending class, you were in attendance
But you can’t remember what was said
But you can remember what colour sneaks you wore
You know the edition sky Jordans or the trukfit T
With the skateboarder on it or how about
The girl in the 3rd Row of your maths class
Who has a dimple on both her cheeks
Who claims to be innocent but we all know
That she a freak… For christ and not these materialistic endeavors
Like the Iphone 5 or S4 or even the new Louis V shoes
I mean heels with the red bottoms and spikes all over
And I hope you don’t step on her shoes
You might need a 4 leaf clover
Because you never know when you may need some luck
You could try slip out of it like a penguin
Or don’t pull out and end up like a sitting duck
With an injured wing and a broken spirit
And no-one can take away the cracks
But one can mend your spirit, heart and soul
So the question remains will you sit down or have a take away
I may not be a saint but tonight I’ll be your waiter
So take your time because for this meal I’m going to give you a tip
Its better to indulge in the word than wonder off on tempting power trips


I would

I would rather be in darkness than suffer in my light…
I would rather get beat than end up in a fight…
I would rather wait for the perfect picture than gaze at photo shops…
I would rather have your equation in my head then watch gravity stop
In mid air so it can calculate your beauty
And it will take more words in 11 languages to express what you mean to me
So when I say I love you its just a few words
But in my heart their is a gallery and your the only portrait

It’s a picture perfect enough to make dreams live…
I fear looking at it for too long would leave me blind…
So I capture the image of your photograph and it’s my sanity…
Your very laugh is part of the wonders of life that carry me…
A blue-print that stings,for I never planned to be…
Who would have foreseen that I would find joy in burying my face into your clothes letting your scent Strangle me… Man handle me…
I pray,entangle me…
I want my death to be caused by such a rapture being…


You dont know

You soar the empty skies, gazing with those delightfully promiscuous eyes, exhibiting your beauty at the world’s demise…you don’t know you’re beautiful…
They treat you like an outcast, call you names and walk past…how reluctant they can be especially when you deserve all the credit…
You are all you need, Emancipated in your fortitude…
Taken away from reality, you believe you indulged in a Conspicuous fantasy where you become vindictive to these feeble creatures you created yourself to conquer over and depose against the lack of freedom you get…
You don’t know you’re beautiful…
You sit down one afternoon and blame yourself for the self incarceration you delved into when you started to hurt yourself impeding in monotony …you are sinister to your own discoveries, how when you know you’re right…you are shut out by these incompetent sticklers in your life…you don’t know you’re beautiful…, but the truth is…
The day you where born, God blessed you and put you in this intricate position knowing you’d be baffled as to how you’d conquer, he knew you are a warrior and he knows you are more beautiful than any one of those energy sucking thieves that have infested in someone else’s life because they have never received the attention you get…the truth is… you are an angel that he sent to purge the people, to esoterically construct a legitimate sanctuary that no one can tramp over because only the Lord can, you didn’t know you had a heart to let in things you shut out and had been longing to hear, because today was the day he’d tell you himself that you are beautiful
And at the same time he would admit you were his masterpiece
A piece crafted with such delicacy that a few tear drops feel from his eyes
Like sands from the hour glass they feel one at time
But he made sure that time was recycled
Just so he could see you over and over again
Because once you created your finest work
You need to sit down and admire it
People may mock you, because their beauty was upset and it kind of quit
And yet you still don’t see how beatiful you are?
When the sky makes sure its working hard enough
Just to get the stars and the moon to out shine you
The seas creates tempests because the water can’t sparkle like your smile does
I’ve never understood what true beauty was until I meet you
If no one else can see that their eyes are low they must have the flu


Face 4 Radio

So I got slapped by a girl once
All because I tried to use a line I heard from a friend
He went straight up to this girl and said
“Hi I just came here to tell you that you have a face 4 radio…”
Now before he could finish she had already imprinted
Her fingerprints right across his face so I thought he had lost the battle
But he grabbed her hand as she was about to leave
And uttered words that could only be described by shakespeare
He told her this “look let me explain, there is no doubt in my mind
That you have a face 4 radio
A face that should be blocked off from the world by 4 concrete walls
With a small tinted window that makes
It impossible to see you
Because you got me feeling like I’m 13 years old again
I’m unable to control my hormones around you
Because you make my body want to create a natural viagra
Next thing you know we will be playing pin the rubber on the exhaust pipe
Which I currently have no time for because…
I recently met the girl of my dreams
And I’ll be honest it wasn’t love at first site
I had to look twice
But the first time I saw you
You made my heart Jika
And the second time I saw you…
You made me want to drop the bricks in my hand
Take off my shoes and plant them into the soil
Hoping that I could transform into a tree
So that my love can branch out to you
And when our lips meet we’ll taste the fruits of our love
At the site of this our ex’s will leave giving
Us enough space so we can chill under the shade of our love
Where we’ll talk about our future
Hopefully you’ll say you want a son flower
So I can teach him how to attract the lady bugs
And he’ll be protected by a thorn bush
So his personality can be as sweet as honey
And neither any situation nor any amount of money
Will be able to change him
Because he to will have a face for Radio…
A voice that makes your heart skip a beat
A laugh that’s so contagious that everyone will be positive
And a personality that’s able to turn a monday blues
Into a trip to Jamaica so now its known as a monday cruise
Because beauty is more than skin deep
And it shouldn’t disappear after you fall asleep
So I hope I will be able to tune into your channel
And by the way you 9/10 I just didn’t want to be another guy in the same panel.”
Well let’s just say after all that he got the girl
And I tried to steal his blueprint and only ended up with a black eye
But ey I’m the best man and I’m the one fixing his tie
Because for all these years he never changed the station…



I’m lost and I don’t think google maps can navigate my path
Because I’m in another galaxy and this happens when I look into her eyes
During these moments I don’t smile because I want it to be a disguise
So I can save my identity, I’m just trying to protect my Louis Lane
Like a pimp in a fur coat protects his leather cane
Or how people that are in love are in two different cities trying to catch a gautrain
Into the other persons arm then they lock themselves without a code
When the only command is never to let go
Because if I lose sight of her the blood in my veins won’t flow
The pulse on the machines won’t show
Because the drummer that creates my heart beat
Lost his drum sticks so now he has to get back to KFC
To get a street wise 2 with the roll because you know you complete me
But let’s not desert our love because it will be a buffet
And there’s free wifi to my mind an art cafe
Express oh I lost my footing and created a mini me
Mistakes are never made instead let’s call it making chemistry
Because with all these cliches around you are real
And you are my poetry….

Chivalry Faked its death

Do you remember the last time you masturbated?

When you were dying in thirst and you decided to try a more individual stroke

And when you did eventually come from your first lap your morales and values broke

Now before I continue there is something I need to explain

We are servants to this life we don’t fish like master

Bate is what we are on this earth for so we cannot worm our way out of it nor hide behind our soil

You see we have less originals makes on this earth yet we think these rreality shows

Are counterfeits but our lives are porn fantasies, people profit from it and yet we are the ones that live it.

Like twits on a blue moon we never really understand the obsession with it but we follow it

And this is where the issue begins, So ladies why do you allow society to degrade you?

And allow people’s negative views destroy you? As if they had keys to your heart?

The only reason I ask is because I have two baby sisters that I adore

And I mend their hearts while building their foundations because no man can live up to the standards

We have dropped our morals so low that we have become a product that isn’t branded

It gets worst by the year I fail to see how most men can bare to stand it

See chivalry isn’t dead it’s just too disgraced to even be associated to our gender

Because the only thing chivalry sees in your eyes is that you want to bend her

Take every aspect of her physical being and throw her emotions in the blender

So chivalry faked its death because it was the only way it knew how to surrender

This is no dialogue with a ratchet type of piece because those girls were broken by these memories created by ghosts

That chivalry couldn’t even remember, we’ve become empty vessels

That try to infringe our third leg into females just to have the decoration on our stick

Instead of opening legs we forgot to do ethical things like opening doors

We are always trying to be above woman so we can use their broken pieces as our foundation

We don’t even know feed their souls or their stomachs, ask yourself this

When was the last time you took your girl on a date? I would say girlfriend

But you guys have so many side chicks that your nickname could be poultry

But if our girl looks at another man you beat them, marinate their faces with our knuckles

So her face starts looking like different seasons, and we laugh at her pain because these wounds

Don’t affect you, because to you all these girls are Nintendos but not the Wii

He treats you as if you are portable and places you in the back pocket so you

Are always option B and not A so there will be no reason Y he won’t let you go and make you an X

Maybe he starts to select the thrill he gets in poking his sticks and you are his favourite selection

So he plays with your emotions until your batteries are dead so he can recharge it because he is an infection

That will never run out of steam, now this is just one type of man there are more that don’t know what they are doing

You see there are males out there who barely have the intelligence to make a sandwich

But look to fertilize woman as if there are droughts in our population

Because once the seed comes to life you so called men leave it with mother nature

Keeping yourself at a distance by rejecting her calls

But you prefer booty texts because a please call me isn’t that appealing

Because like everything in your life you only have it cause of the money in your pocket

We as men fail to understand that woman are not private companies

So we can not buy into them like equity or treat them like shares

In hopes that they will share their most intimate aspects with us

But we never pay for anything, we lack the ability to take responsibility

So we leave the bill with her and give her a heavy tip by emptying out her bank of emotions

And yet they still have the nerve to ask “How can we help you?”… Men are these the standards we are willing to set

We want our women to be pure but like thieves in the night we steal her virginity

With sweet words like “I would jump through flaming rings in hell gates just to be with you.”

And yet you wont put a ring on her finger? Because that line has been used in so many tales

That your mouth is known as dream works, it amazes with its trailers but the film tends to have no worth

You will find your fairy-tale ending though but like Othello you will have a tempest in your path

And you will be forced to face all the demons you once possessed because event though

“Hell have no fury like a woman’s scorn” but karma is still a bitch

That’s never been trained in its life so your lack of understanding will be your biggest downfall

Let me ask you this, Have you ever asked yourself why most falls are named after females

It’s because once you lose the current you will drop ot your demise…

Let’s take a step back and re-evaluate things because our evolution

May end up turning into our rapture where we won’t play any role & destroy our own structure

By putting our hands on her ass when she clearly doesn’t want you to touch her

Would you allow another man to even try that with your mother? We should never have double standards my brother

Now before we can walk we must crawl so let’s take it one slide at a time

With candle light dinners and walks in the parks by bringing her chick flick dreams to life

Buying her roses and showing her our affection so that when you tell her that she is your world

She wont treat it like a bluff, and lets put women on the pedestal that they should be on

By keeping her heart hot, her temper mild and ensure that that her eyes always have flames

Because they are beautiful and we shouldn’t compare them to how hot we want our food

Or your relationship will always stay medium raw and your insecurities will remain juicy and tender

Now a loyal girl may irritate you but if she cars let her because when her emotions feel comfort

You will start to become better… see im not perfect I make mistakes too

But because we have so many pressures we get judged too… I Lost the love of my life once

Guess Chivalry is leaving my DNA as well… But I want my daughter to know what a real man is so Chivalry I hope you get well


Not walking down the aisle

“I think you look fat in that dress
And let me not talk about that mess
That you call a hairstyle, do you know that
Anything white that is on you makes you look like
A cloud, boy you could block the sun out the scale
Must be proud…” These are some of the many statements
I thought I was going to tell you but you
Deserve for me to tell you like a man why this marriage won’t do
It all started when we first met at my darkest hour
My life was hell and it had frozen over so I knew I wouldn’t grow like a flower
This ice age stage of my life and you got me through it
Had you on my mind and when we connected skin to skin
It was magic so we won’t let this flu in, so you helped me put my heart at bay
But I ended up realising that you never took me out of it
You just made it more comfortable for me to stay
So I got use to these cold feet like reindeers in a snow storm
But even this weather we reproduced and ensured that our kids were warm
All 150 of them that were constructed with every letter that we ever combined together
It was all written in stone so these earthquakes will be imprinted in earth’s soil forever
But you kept me deep in depression so you would always have a hold of me
So when I met the light her pixels made everything so clear
Looking in her eyes the picture of her started to look like a selfie
And with every gaze that I took at her I saw our kids and they defined her
And I had to tell her parts of me in order to go past this one step
Kids were never the issue but the connection I have with you will cause a lot of tissues
To get wet like Niagara but my Emotions won’t fall anymore
So you will not see me walk down this isle, I can’t marry you poetry
In order for me to move onto happy places I needed to find myself
And Mylesa is the perfect remedy to this struggling health…